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 Category:  General Fiction
  Posted: September 4, 2017      Views: 123

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Inspiration for poetry comes from many places. Sometimes it is a beam of light across the ceiling and sometimes it is a stuffed toy calling out my name. Fantasy and nature poetry is what I usually write. I also feel that poetry can give a voice to th - more...

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whale obsession gone
"Desire Unfolds" by mermaids

"Captain, you are tired. Tired of chasing this monster of the sea.

"He holds my soul. The White One is my destiny.
I will find him and he will be mine. I am captain of this mighty vessel and I
will not be defeated by this devil of the ocean. The sea is my home and I will rid her of
this creature who alludes me! Starbuck, do not convince me otherwise!"

"You are so tired. And what beholds for you. This whale is clever. There is much more to the sea than beasts who escape the harpoon."

"I will seek him and chase him, I will not be defeated by him. I must remind you so often, the
white demon is my path and after him I go".

"My Captain, my friend. I beg you to seek a new path. One that is much more alluring and will bring you pleasure".

"Starbuck, you consume too much whiskey. I will not change my mind."

"Aye, Captain. But listen and learn from me. Look through my magic eye and see beauty in motion. Why chase the devil when an angel is near? Look! She swims with golden hair and smooth, green tail. She can be our mermaid! Let's follow her, there must be others".

"She is gorgeous! why have you not told me about her before!"

"Captain, I did not see her. I listened to the tales of the mermaid's tail. But I did not believe, but here she sits on sea worn rocks and plays a silver harp. Watch as she swims with dolphins".

"Ahhhhh......Starbuck.....she is beauty, not of this world. She soothes my soul, I long to meet her.
Turn about! Onward we go. Follow the mermaid's tail!"

Advising Ahab writing prompt entry

Writing Prompt
Your name is Starbuck and you just set sail with Captain Ahab on the whaler Pequod. You eventually realize he has a fish fixation on a certain white whale known as 'Moby Dick'. Talk him out of his madness in dialogue only in at least 100 words or more.
Pays one point and 2 member cents. Artwork by cleo85 at

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