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 Category:  Supernatural Fan Fiction
  Posted: November 27, 2017      Views: 453
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I write for the believers, the non-believers, and the true believers.

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Chapter 7 of the book Demons, Heroes and Fortune Cookies
The struggle of fitting in when you're an '80s geek...
"Laundry Day: Clean and Single" by Cybertron1986

The shadows, dormant and unseen, linger as Eu El attempts to fit into his new environment of Mary Park Hall in the best way he knows possible.

An awkward calmness in Mary Park's lobby emits the feeling of a quiet, cheap hotel before midnight as the dormitories, once crowded with undergrad students, are now silent.

Bulletin boards, tacked with last week's lists of room assignments, face an elevator that suddenly spills a group of rowdy students onto the lobby, where loose, open discussions regarding a Saturday night in downtown San Francisco fill the atmosphere.

"You know the rules, guys," one proclaims.

The group, in unison, laugh, "What rules?!"

However, on this night, another student decides to be the exception to the rule of youthful freedom. His shirt with cut-off arm sleeves brandish an out-of-date fashion statement, "CHOOSE LIFE." The bold caps attract more attention then the loud, annoying squeak of a laundry room door from where he exits. His shirt implies an unlikely crossover between a mid-80's music video, and the current trend of a Tupac rap song.

Eu El, his body language appearing bolder, seems comfortably oblivious to the laughter coming from two of the girls.

Unsure as to why his social status has yet to improve, he continues unembarrased with a basket of freshly dried clothes that emit a strong aroma of spring flowers as a result of an overuse of fabric softener.

The group whispers rude comments about Eu El's noticeable smell of laundry and eighties fashion. Together, they sing, "Wake me up before you GO GO! I'm not planning on going solo!"

Purposefully loud, a girl giggles, "Nowadays, even nerds look buff."

Oblivious to the passive insults, Eu El slows his walk down to half speed as his attention focuses toward the second phone booth from the left where, once again, the young Asian girl is seated behind the clear doors. She appears tenser than before. However, her ability to remain elegant in her state of anxiety triggers the song, "There She Goes," to re-play inside El's mind. Her fingers carelessly entangle around the phone cord as wrinkles of concern feverishly form around her forehead. In every odd moment, she exerts a laugh, but this time she withholds from concealing her smile behind her hand. On top of the phone, a cheap lighter and a pack of cigarettes lay flat with an open cover revealing more than half the contents missing. For the past week, El has yet to know who she is, and where she is from. His only knowledge of her is that she occupies the same booth at the same time of the day, everyday, since moving in.

Before the girl feels the weight of his stare, El casually returns to a normal walking pace.

Observing from behind a snack dispenser, Daniel, El's roommate, comes out from hiding, laughing as he catches up to him. "Hey, Wu El! You're doing laundry?!"

"It's EU El," he corrects, confused to the logic of the question. "Of course. How else would one prepare for the school week?"

"But, it's Saturday."

"If I don't wash today, then how do you think I will have time to iron tomorrow?" El explains.

"*Ai-yah, who irons clothes in college? Besides, on SATUR...," Daniel gives up mid-sentence as he notices El's puzzled expression augments into an obvious confusion.

"Forget it," Daniel decides.

Keeping a curious gaze towards his roommate, Daniel breaks the silence in the empty halls of the all-boys floor with a bold observation. "I saw you!"

"Saw me? What are you talking about?"

"I saw you!" Daniel chuckles. "That girl in the booth! You were staring at her!"


"I'm just relieved is all," Daniel snickers.

Tightly grasping the laundry basket in one hand, El struggles to unlock their room with his free hand. He is thinking of a reply as he struggles not to drop the freshly washed clothes. "Relieved? About what?"

"Wo yi zhu dou zhi dao wo shi yi ge mei nan, bu guo xing hao ni mei you kan shang wo. Ni hai suan zheng chang," Daniel responds in Chinese Mandarin.


Daniel shakes his head. His eyes stare become a tragic expression suitable only for funerals. "Sorry, I forgot. Sadly, you do not speak Chinese."

"I grew up in Stockton...CALIFORNIA."

"Which is WHY I'm not surprised you don't speak Mandarin."

With one eyebrow raised, Daniel provides a concise translation. "Let me say, though I'm attractive, I'm relieved to know you find that girl more attractive than myself."

Disgusted, El hastily folds his laundry using a meticulous, rhythmic technique that results in symmetrical folds. After deep thought, he glares back at Daniel, who is disappointedly shaking his head.

"I don't get it," Eu El finally answers.

In slight disbelief, Daniel finds humor in his roommate's sense of fashion. "You, cutting off your shirt sleeves, and smelling like flowers doesn't give off a 'straight' impression."

El takes a longer pause. He struggles to arrive at an understanding to the comparison between the word, "straight" and his fashion sense.

"At least you have good taste in women," Daniel compliments for the purpose of keeping the conversation going.

Still ignoring Daniel, El continues folding his laundry with an intent to pass a military inspection the next morning.

"You never been in a relationship before, have you?" Daniel fearlessly deduces.

Unsure if his roommate is leading toward a bad punch line of an insulting joke, El continues ignoring him.

"C'mon, I'm serious, El. I'm at least six years older than anyone in the dorms. I'm more experienced in the art of dating."

"What're you suggesting?"

"Listen, El, before you go stalking girls again," Daniel snickers, "We're going to Chinatown together. There's a great barber and the best dumplings in San Francisco."

"What are dumplings?"

"Ay-yah. Seriously? Do you even know how to use chopsticks?" Daniel replies, sounding more disappointed as the shortcomings of his roommate are slowly revealed.

Eu El nods without confirming either a "yes,"or a "no." He nods because he is satisfied with the workmanship of his folded clothes that are being neatly organized into his dresser.

"Never mind," Daniel frowns as he searches for his car keys amongst the clutter on his desk. "Maybe, it's better you don't let anyone know your handicap with chopsticks. Presently, you're like last week's losing lottery ticket: you wouldn't stand a chance winning anything; let alone women."

"Why?!" El, a competitor, seems triggered at the hint of being called a failure.

"She's Asian," Daniel justifies with a blunt answers. He notices the sensitive reaction in El. "Though you're Asian on the outside, on the inside you're like a visitor from another planet."

A glow of praise emanates in El's tone. "Like Krypton?"

Daniel strains a smile to hide his disappointment with his new friend. He is careful to not damage the dormant potential of his roommate.

"What? Ai-yah, El. You're more like a fortune cookie than a superhero."

Inside, Daniel regrets his comfort of opinion.

The book continues with The Fortune Pt.1. We will provide a link to it when you review this below.

Author Notes
This is a developing novel. For those just reading this specific chapter, please note that there are previous chapters prior to this. Yes, there are paranormal intrigue involved that will later be presented. However, if you would like to know what Eu El is facing, then please read chapter six.

*Ai-yah is a Chinese phrase, or Chinglish that expresses dismay, shock, or fear.

Thank you, Google for the classic George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley, WHAM! picture circa 1984.
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