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 Category:  Commentary and Philosophy Poetry
  Posted: January 8, 2018      Views: 154

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Where is everybody going dying so young?
"Why do the Good They Die Young?" by Liberty Justice
Why do the good, they die young?
Where is everybody going?
Flying up to Heaven on their
Angel wings.
So gifted so talented-blessed
the world with their radiance
their rock n roll tunes.
Enriched our lives with music
shooting our souls to the moon.

Just a young girl back in the days,
but Michael Jackson, the Beatles,
Elvis Presley, Prince, Whitney
Houston, and other pop stars
excited our hearts,
and set the record charts on fire.

Rocking were the world's heart throbs-
handsome, beautiful,
glowing glamour of diamonds rings.
Charming their way into our lives;
fascinated and thrilled
at the way they hypnotized us
when they sang.

We swooned to "Heart Break
Hotel" by Elvis Presley;
shook our booties to "It's A Man's World"
by James Brown;
rocked to "Billy Jean" by Michael
Jackson; melted to "The Body Guard"
by Whitney Houston;
cried blue tears to "Purple Rain"
by Prince.

I ain't no good with dying and
Seen too many loved ones
and friends pass away.
Too much pain I still carry inside
Too many heart breaks, its
a wonder I'm still alive.

I can't hear a song of theirs
without crying,
As I think of the wasteful way they
lay dying.
Doping and drugging, some overdosed
in their beds,
Or just fell over intoxicated, drugged dead.

Somebody should have known; someone
surely warned them
the dangers of opioids, the pretty colorful
death pills that beckon you on.
But your body might crave them, but
your heart might not be too strong.
Who's next, my mind wonders?

Tell me why do the good, they die young?
And, furthermore, didn't stars know
you can't mix alcohol and variety of pills?
Intenses your high; takes your brain
to the sky?

So, here I sit writing this poem, crying,
wondering why
the good, they die so young.
I bet John and George of the Beatles
Elvis Presley, and Michael Jackson, James Brown,
Whitney Houston, Prince,
and all the rest are all serenading
the Angels up in the sky--
dancing, prancing, singing, playing
their Guitars in the skyways of Heaven.

The world seems so much sadder now.
Chaotic, stressed, depressed,
angry, violent.
Sliding, gliding across the stage,
you ignited passion and excitement
America and England have never know.
You quieted our raging hearts and soothed
our burning souls.
You gave us beauty and hope, and a willing
to live and love.

My hear hurts, and my body cries out in pain
as my soul is so restless.
I can't stand to hear your sweet nostalgic
songs on the radio without breaking down.




Empathy with Grief writing prompt entry

Writing Prompt
Write a poem of any style that shows empathy for the grief of another human being. There are no line length requirements.

Author Notes
NOTES: My free style poem: "Why do the Good They Die Young?" speaks for itself. *****REMEMBER*****this poem is "free style" meaning, of course, we can write in ANY STYLE WE WANT. Thank you for reading and rating and supporting me in competitions, whoever and wherever you are!!
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