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 Category:  Mystery and Crime Fiction
  Posted: September 9, 2018      Views: 239
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Chapter 19 of the book Loophole
Sterling breaks the rules.
"FOW Play" by Marvin Calloway

A retiring detective and his female partner try to make sense of possible murders, possible robbery and impossible romances.

Last lines of Chapter 18:

The brothers turned out to be a pair of nice guys when they weren't being cheated in a card game. Sam Heffernan said he knew the neighborhood. He'd be watching from the store on the corner and would show up before I hit the ground.

Chapter 19

There was a loud knock on the door of the interrogation room. Amanda turned off the recorder just before a broad-shouldered man barged in. He wore a gray suit, light blue shirt and gray striped tie. His clothes shouted, importance. His voice shouted, “Who's in charge here?” Brennan ignored the question and chose to gander at the two cohorts who accompanied him.

One, a tall, stern looking business-dressed woman, the other, a casually dressed young man, approximately Brennan's height. Brennan thought, Somewhere in this man's closet is a hat with the word 'Goffer' lettered on it. Seeing there wasn't much space, they waited outside the room.

Brennan turned to their superior and said, “I'm Detective Captain Brennan and this is my assistant, Detective Doherty. Before proceeding, I want to share some information regarding your teller, one Trudy La Scola. She's . . .”

I understand she's been shot . . .”

That's correct, Mr. . . .”

Livingston, Garret Livingston. I'm president of the Anne Arundel County division of Wilton Farm Savings and Loan banks.” The two men shook hands.

As I was saying,” Brennan went on, “Miss La Scola, is recuperating from a non life-threatening gun shot wound to her arm. I suggest that your assistants go to Mercy Hospital to visit Miss La Scola to get her side of the story, while we fill you in with what took place here.”

That sounds fine, detective.”

Assuming you all came in one car, one of our patrolman could drive your people there.” They may even let you play with the siren.

                                                                                                 < < ^ > >

First, I'd like to speak to Mr. Sterling, the manager,” he said. “He didn't appear to be in his office. Was he shot?”

Not yet, Brennan thought. “I'll take you to him and Detective Doherty will explain his situation on the way.”

A surprised Amanda said, “I'd be happy to. It seems that Mr. Sterling has been a bad boy. He and the phone receptionist, Rose Anne Zito, have been having an affair, until she found out he's married.”

Our employees are allowed to date each other.”

But Mr. Sterling is married to Gertrude La Scola.”
“Why that's impossible,” Mr. Livingston said. “We have a strict, No Relations policy . . . let me rephrase that. We have a policy of No Relatives Allowed in our . . . that doesn't sound right either.”

No matter how it's stated, Sterling violated it,” Amanda said.

The book continues with What's That Devil Doing There?. We will provide a link to it when you review this below.

Author Notes
The most popular title for this short story is FOW Play. Please ignore any reference to Loophole in this post.
Pays one point and 2 member cents. Artwork by OJ Magnus at FanArtReview.com

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