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 Category:  Humor Fiction
  Posted: September 12, 2018      Views: 18

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My name is Susan Weimer. I chose the handle "Insignificant Weed" because I am a Dandelion. The Dandelion is a weed. It is a bright pretty flower that when you have many of them, you actually have a "bouquet." The Dandelion is a prolific re-generator - more...

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An unbridled horse on the loose.
"A Dangerous Horse" by Insignificant Weed

Meet CREDIT CARD. Her best friends are Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

You will see her driving around town in her all-white Kia Soul. Exxon is the only kind of gas she allows in her Kia Soul. She frequents the top-of-the-line car washes and uses her Discover card for payment.

You will see her at Friendly Shopping Center and at Four Seasons Mall. She loves to frequent Macys, Belk's, J.C. Penney, Kohl's and the Cheesecake Factory. At Belk's, you will see her shopping for shoes. She will instruct the clerk to wrap them up and use her Visa for payment.

She is a woman of impeccable taste, charm, and grace. Her house is immaculate and fit for a Presidential fund raiser. She moves with elegance through high society but manages to provide a few pennies for the Food Bank.

She has one bad habit: This horse likes to charge!

Flash Fiction contest entry

Author Notes
Credit Card is hand-sewn by the author and is up for adoption. This is her story. During the sewing process, the author bonds with the animal, gives it a name, and comes up with a rescue story. Itty Bitty Animals: Stories from the Rehabilitation Center is a self-published work with the stories of goats, cows, rabbits, and horses. It is available on
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