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 Category:  Family Fiction
  Posted: March 8, 2019      Views: 149

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This work has reached the exceptional level
A toddler learns a life lesson
"Biggles Bunny and Big Ted" by Lordinajamjar

Do you recall that fateful day? When you were just a young innocent child, happily at play, alone with your favourite toys? Your mommy introduced you to Ingrid and her mommy. As they three entered your room you heard those fateful words.

"Here's little Ingrid. Say hi honey." Then they left you all alone with Ing.

You looked up from your play with an innocent smile then watched as Ingrid snatched your favourite toy bunny with the torn left ear and one eye hanging from a thread. That old bunny had been passed down through the years from Grandma to your mommy and finally to you. You gasped in horror as she ripped out his good eye and stomped his limp lifeless body into the nursery floor.

You felt the heat of anger for the first time which reddened your face as you leapt forward to rescue your poor, dear, devoted friend. Now lying helpless at the feet of a fiend. As you reached out for poor old Biggles Bunny, Ingrid cackled like a demented hag as she set her eyes on Big Ted. As she ran forward to grab the old bear you made a valiant effort to rise to your feet. Alas you were still three long weeks away from taking your first toddler steps. You grimaced as your derriere was dumped to the floor.

Horror of horrors, what was that terrible witch doing now? You watched through hot teary eyes as she began to tear the stuffing out of Big Ted. His insides were everywhere. She tore at his head and when you next saw his face his big fluffy cheery smile was gone and a big sad deflated frown had taken its place.

Where that strength came from that filled you inside doesn't really matter, but as you reached back to grab your Fisher Price activity center you stared right at her. Then with one almighty fling you hit poor Ing and she crumpled to the wooden floor all bruised and beaten. Her cries were heard all through the house as she screamed and screamed for her mom. The bruise on her head and the blood in her hair made her look fierce mixed in with the tears and the snot that covered her frown.

You heard the crashing sound as the nursery door burst open to let in the onrushing mother of Ing. You likened the frightening sight to the mother of Grendel charging the great hero Beowolf. That's how you recalled this day of your young youth when you were old enough to read that great classic. In the legend she was soon despatched by the hero but you were no match for the wrath bearing down on you that was the mother of Ing. She screamed out in rage as she charged your way.

All of a sudden, you felt a great gentle force raising you up from the floor as your mother pulled you backwards into the protection of her strong loving arms.

The mother of Ing's voice reverberated around the room.

"We are never coming back here!" You let out a cheer.

"My poor Ing you delicate thing what has that terrible child done to you?"

She slammed the door behind them as they retreated from the scene. That was the last you ever saw of Ing.

You tried to explain to your mommy about the pain of Biggles Bunny and Big Ted as she looked around the floor. Then you saw her knowing smile and those beautiful twinkling eyes that you had seen so many times before. How you missed them as your mind returned to the present as the pastor finished the funeral prayer and your mother's coffin was slowly lowered into the ground.

As you wiped away a tear, you thought back to that day, long time past. You remembered when your mother picked you up. How she cuddled and kissed you before grabbing a needle and thread. In what seemed a flash she had them all mended, Biggles Bunny and Big Ted, and had placed them beside you in your bed.

You managed a teary smile as you bent down to pick up your daughter by the graveside. She was clutching her two favourite toys; Biggles Bunny and Big Ted.

Pays one point and 2 member cents. Artwork by KimberlyAdams18 at

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© Copyright 2016. Lordinajamjar All rights reserved.
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