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 Category:  General Fiction
  Posted: March 21, 2019      Views: 100

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Unwise decisions cost, where people get hurt.
"simply a nightmare" by called2rite

Cherie shyly entered the bar in a t-shirt and jeans and went to the bar where she could watch the door. Travis wasn't expecting her. She didn't like this bar, but she had such exciting news.

A red-head dressed fashionably in business attire came in and sat down beside her at the deserted bar. She ordered the same thing as Cherie, a cherry lime aid. She turned to Cherie.

"I haven't seen you here before. My name is Eugenia. I am meeting my boyfriend."

"I don't come here. My name is Cherie, and I am waiting for my husband. " Cherie flicked her blonde hair behind, out of her sparkling blue eyes as she continued, "We are expecting our first baby and I couldn't wait to tell him."

Eugenia patted her tummy. "I am expecting one too, only my boyfriend doesn't want me to have it but I do. Your husband know that you were coming here?"

"No, he said he was meeting a buddy named Eugene here after work to relax a bit."

"Does he want a baby?" Eugenia's brown eyes revealed her feelings.

"He says he wants one at the right time. Babies don't always wait for the right time."

"That's for sure. I don't know what I will do. Raising a baby by myself would be hard."

"You don't have any family to help you?"

"No. Sometimes my boyfriend stays with me but doesn't all the time. Maybe now he will."

"I know what you mean. My folks live three hours away and my husband is out of town several nights a week. Maybe I can help you. I want to quit working and stay at home when the baby comes."

"Oh... Maybe I'll take you up on that if I need to."

They continued chatting exchanging obstetrician names, pregnancy symptoms, and so forth.

A handsome man with dark hair entered and they looked up then both jumped up.

Realization hit. All of them.

"Cherie, why are you here?" Travis looked at her. "This is a business meeting after work. Go home and I will be there soon. This won't take long."

"Oh no. You don't try that with me! This is no business meeting." Eugenia glared at Travis.

"See what you've done Cheri. This is your fault." Travis tried to defend himself.

"Eugenia is pregnant with your child and you want her to abort it. I'm pregnant with your child as well. I suppose you want me to abort it too." Cherie said through clenched teeth.

Entirely colorless, Travis dazed, shook his head, "This can't be for real. It can't happen to me. I don't want any children."

"It won't be your child. I'm leaving." Shining eyes, head high, Cherie paid the waiter and left.

"I'm leaving too. It will be my baby." Eugenia strode after Cheri calling, "Wait for me, Cheri."

Two women sit at a deserted bar writing prompt entry

Writing Prompt
Write a story using the premise two woman sit at an otherwise deserted bar. They share a secret. They strike up a friendship.

Author Notes
This is fictional of course, but it deals with situations that life can have.
I value life and values of trust and faithfulness in relationships are a must for me.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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