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 Category:  General Fiction
  Posted: June 16, 2019      Views: 153
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Chapter 1 of the book No Child of Mine
You are asking this now? While in labor?
"When We Were Babies" by AshelinaB

“Hey, Nix?” Amanda lays a hand on her own rounded belly. “Do you think we’ll be good parents?”

“You’re asking this now?” Nicki chuckles as she covers Amanda’s hand with her own. “After you’ve already started having contractions?”

The brunette pouts. “It’s not like this is the first time I’ve asked! Besides, these are probably Braxton-Hicks contractions again.” She pokes herself opposite to where she can feel their child nestled and mutters, “Stupid uterus. Stop crying wolf. ...It’s exhausting.” 

Her wife grins at the sight before shaking her head and reverting back to the subject at hand. “Okay. Shall I change my answer from the usual? It seems like the one that I always give you isn’t satisfying. No, we’re going to be terrible parents. We’ll even have to ship our kids off to boarding school so that they can be raised properly.”

Lower lip both trembling and curving upward, Amanda pouts and smiles almost simultaneously. “We won’t, right?” she asks, immediately following up with, “Kids, huh? Who says we’re having more than one?”

“Your little face does.” Nicki holds and kisses it. “Your heart does-”

“Nix!” Amanda squeals, pushing the pervert away.

“Uhuhuhuhu,” the older woman laughs again. “Mandy, relax. We’ll definitely be better parents than Reese and Emily are!”

The brunette giggles. “Em did fall asleep half on top of their baby while nursing her, didn’t she?”

“And Reese ‘rescued’ Hannah by swiping her from under Em in panic, tripping, and nearly dropping her.”

Amanda sobers. “Let’s never be like them, okay?” 

“Okay. Well... I hope we will kind of be like them. You know how much they love their little rascal.”

“That’s true.” The taller woman smiles back just as softly. “...Remember when we were all babies, Nicki?”

“When all you said was ‘Nix,’ all day, every day?”

“Yeah.” Amanda cuddles close to Nicki, laying her cheek against the blonde’s upper chest as they lay side by side on the bed.

“You were so sure that it was my name.”

Big, guileless eyes lift to Nicki’s smaller ones. “Is it not?” Pretty pink lips quirk with humor.

“It is if it’s you saying it, Mandy.” Her wife grins.

“Good. ’Cuz I’m the boss!” The brunette sparkles right back.

“You are definitely the boss, madame.” Nicki sits partway up, detaching from Amanda with some difficulty. “Another foot massage, my lady?”

Her wife wiggles her toes in Nicki’s face, giggling. “Okay, Nicki. And will you sing for me?” she murmurs.

“Of course, my lady.”


Amanda dreams of their preschool days.

“Nix, Sue said I’m not the boss of you! Tell her I am! Tell her I am the boss of you!”

“Mandy is the boss of me,” four-year-old Nicki agreed easily.

“Ha! See, Sue?”

“Hey! What about me? I’m the boss of you, right?!”

“Um, Sue’s the boss of me.”

“Hahaha, Nix has no backbone. She just repeats what everyone else says,” Emily teased the sole older child in their group.

“Em has no brain. She just repeats what everyone else says.” Nicki stuck her tongue out at Emily.

“Hey!” The second-eldest child crossed her arms and stomped her foot with a huff.

Sue and Amanda ignored her to continue their strident argument.

“Who's the boss of you, Nix, me or Sue?”

The smallest girl blinked at the others, her wide eyes giving nothing away.

I’m the boss of you, huh?” Amanda asserted.

“NO! It’s me! I’m the biggest!” Sue sent right back.

“But I’m stronger! I can pick her up!”

“She likes me better!”

“No, me!” 

“No, me!”

“You guys are too loud. Bye-bye!” Emily started to drag Nicki from Sue and Amanda to go play with Reese.

“Don’t go with her, Nicki! You like ME best, right?”


Sue’s face suddenly adopted a much more mischievous grin. “So, Mandy, you think you’re the boss of Nicki, huh?”

“Yeah! ’Cuz I- Hey!”

The tallest child took off running. “Mrs. Thompson, Mandy says you’re not the boss of Nicki!”

“HEY!” the smaller girl yelped. “I didn’t say that! Sue!” Amanda followed her rival with a howl. Dramatic tears flew into her pigtails.

Reese approached the children who were watching Sue and Amanda’s departure with gaping mouths. “I think Nicki is the boss of herself. Right, Nicki?”

Nicki’s face lit up. “Yeah!”

“But I’m the boss of you, right, Reese?” Emily demanded.


“I’m actually the boss of all of you.” Nicki smiled darkly, reaching out to pat both girls’ butts.

“Hey! ...Okay.” Emily grinned back just as naughtily.

“It’s my responsibility since I’m the oldest...” Nicki continued, wringing her hands in anxiety.

“But we can still take care of you too.” The twiddling of Emily’s fingertips and her wicked grin had Nicki chasing after Amanda.

“Save me!”

The book continues with Troublemakers. We will provide a link to it when you review this below.
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