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 Category:  Family Fiction
  Posted: June 23, 2019      Views: 190
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Chapter 3 of the book No Child of Mine
Amanda and Nicki spend time with the goddaughter
"Na, Ju!" by AshelinaB

Reese and Emily don’t return even three hours later, nor does Amanda come out to the living room. Hannah and Nicki don’t mind. They have a lot of fun playing and laughing together.

“Hey, you wanna go talk to Julie with me?” the woman asks the child around dinner time. “Mandy’ll probably be deep asleep, but if you promise to be good and quiet, then we can go talk to your god-sister. Whadaya say?” She grins.

Solemnly, the baby nods.

“You’ll be quiet?”

“Ssh.” Hannah nods once more, even putting a tiny finger over her lips.

“Aaaah!” Nicki imitates Amanda’s squee upon seeing cuteness, but in a more low-key sort of way. Hugging the baby tightly and kissing her all over her sweet face, the woman stands from the couch to creep into the bedroom. She makes sure to keep Hannah close rather than let her crawl around on her own too. Very carefully, she eases the blankets from Amanda and pushes up her shirt as well to bare her belly. “Hi Julie!” she exclaims as quietly as possible.

“Ju!” Hannah echoes in an excited whisper. 

“Ssh.” The blonde caresses the baby’s cheek with her thumb as she cups it. “Listen.” She demonstrates pressing her ear to Amanda’s belly. “Hi, baby, it’s daddy.” Her attention turns to her own child. “It’s daddy and Nana! ...You know Nana, right? Mommy has a lot of feelings inside of her for Nana, huh?”

“I’m Hannah, Juliette!” the baby tries to say.

“NaJu?” Nicki chuckles. “That sounds like some celebrity couple name. Ssh, don’t give Lady Cupid any ideas.”

“As much as I love you, Hannah, no child of mine is joining the Peters family. No way,” Amanda says sleepily. Her lips twitch, however, a brief sign of the nervousness that she is trying to hide.

“Hon- boss, you’re awake!”

“M-mornin’ honey.” The younger woman giggles as she drags Nicki in by the hair for a kiss. “I’m always awake when you talk to Julie. We love your voice. ...Hey, Nicki,” she whispers urgently under her breath, but her wife doesn’t hear her. “I think-”

“And I love you too.” Nicki goes back in for another kiss. I wonder what- Awww! she thinks at the same time that Amanda squeals it.

Hannah is on her knees with her little hands flat on her godmother’s swollen belly, her ear to it as well, and her light eyes serious.

“What’s Julie saying?” The distractible woman asks her.

“Na, Ju!”

“She’d better not!” Amanda tuts her tongue as she shakes her head jokingly. “No chi-” She gasps. “Nicki, she kicked! She’s moving again! Feel! Feel, Nana!” She moves the baby’s hand to the right place as well.

“Where is-” “...Everybody?” Reese and Emily somewhat break the moment by barging into the house, finishing each other’s sentences per usual. 

“In here!” Amanda calls. “Hurry up and come feel Juliette!”

“She was born, and you didn’t call us?!” Emily hisses, dragging Reese into the bedroom behind her.

“No! Uh- Oh!” Shock draws Amanda’s mouth into a perfect ‘o’ shape, her eyes as well.

Reese starts giggling a bit awkwardly. “Mandy, how will you potty-train a child when you-”

“Fool!” Emily hits her wife, her own shock retreating fastest. “Her water just broke!” She’s by Amanda’s side in a second, hugging her and holding her hand. “Reesie, take Nana and get the car. ...Get the car, go!” She pushes the unmoving woman toward the living room. “N.O.W!”

Reese flees.

“I... I’m gonna be a mommy?” Nicki still cannot move. “N-now? Like right now?”

“No, you’re gonna be a daddy. I’m mommy...” Amanda too remains paralyzed, speaking in a daze.

“And it’s not gonna be right now either. Sorry, Dee.” Emily pecks her friend’s cheek. “You’ve still got hours to go...”

Fright shines in Amanda’s large eyes. “Stay with me?”

“Of course.” The blonde pecks a kiss to her face again. “I’ll help her up, Nix. You take Hannah; Reesie forgot her.” Emily snorts, smiling at her frozen child and smoothing back her wispy hair. “Hello? Earth to Captain Perv? Your wife needs you? Yeah, here, over here.” She snaps her fingers in the blank woman’s face.

Move it, Nicki!” the brunette commands sharply.

Her wife springs into action. “Y-y-yes, ma’am! B-boss ma’am!”

The book continues with Fired. We will provide a link to it when you review this below.
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