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Please read Author Notes First; God is Good, even when life is not; God only does good all the time
 Category:  Spiritual Fiction
  Posted: July 13, 2019      Views: 214

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I'm a learner wish to be published writer, positive-creative-fair reviewer

He is also an active reviewer and is holding the #14 spot on the top ranked reviewer list.

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Spiritual Fiction; God is Good, even when you don't feel it
"God Only Does Good" by Alcreator Litt Dear

"God is good, all the time, so He does good, only and ever, you say so, father. Why, then, did God turn our good land into a sand land, precisely to say, a non-arable, sandy and dusty land,  in just a few hours, overnight?" Daniel asked his father, Samuel.

"Students, you know, God is Almighty, Omniscient, Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Creator, Alcreator, Alpowerful, Aldoer,  Alactivator, Almaker, and Owner of His created this infinite universe, we know, see, feel, understand, feel only a part of His infinite creations and deeds; truly, He does good all the time, I mean, God's actions, activities, acts, works, doings, or performance are divine deeds and deeds only He does as per His will, wish, plan, at right time.” Samuel said in a good voice.
Daniel said, “Father, I can follow, as I do understand clearly.”
“Wait, wait, I am not yet finished; you all know, God does not do anything for a particular, definite, specific individual, community or group of persons; listen to me, we desperately or selfishly forget, ignorantly, foolishly or wisely ignore God, His Words, His Signals, His Warnings, His Alphas, His Whispers, His Directions, and often, we do whatever we please to, desire to, wish to or will to do as per our mortal and limited power, instinct, knowledge, or wisdom; remember, you all, we are not entitled to challenge His Deeds ever as He does or as He did last night turning our land into a sandy land.”
“Yes, father, I understand.” Daniel said.
“My words are not finished; just listen to me something more about this and do remember everything by heart.” Samuel said.
“We are free to use His Gifts temporarily, rightly, effectively, righteously and humanely, and we must never forget that we are not free to misuse, and not to make wrong or improper use of His Gifts and anything of His Creations for our own selfish interests, selfish benefits, selfish profits or selfish conveniences temporarily, and always we should remember, we are not free to act or do everything for living as we plan, wish, desire, please, want selfishly and temporarily," father Samuel resolved by explaining the long question and by telling elaborately to all and his son, Daniel.

"What good did God do last night, why and how?" Daniel asked his father Samuel.

"OK, you know, God knows and has seen how we have misused His Gifts, His Natural and other resources, as we have caused imbalance in Nature by producing and causing pollutions, we have changed our environment by our selfish, inhuman, wrong, whimsical and improper use of God's gifted resources and creations; some pose themselves as gods or divine owners of God's universe and do all these dangerous and mortal activities in Nature; God has right to protect His Gifts, resources and creations; praise God for teaching us good lessons, thank God for His good act with His provision for resources accordingly, we understand or do not" Samuel told. 


“Indeed, father, you have taught us so simply and elaborately,” Daniel and all twelve villagers from the village and the neighbour villages bowed down and paid their regards and respect to Samuel the only teacher. All said Nomoskaar with folded hands and left Banvil Assembly of God Free School after the sun set, behind the horizon, in the west at the back of the school premises under a huge three hundred year old banyan tree of the village named Banvil. 



Author Notes
Please read this essential and important Author Notes first to enjoy the work (neither a pure fiction, nor a pure non-fiction) in my style and art of expression write a creative and fair review and avoid making mistakes and avoid causing losses to me (not just filling the required number of words) (with no warnings, but if you think so, it would be an act of misinterpretation) in order to save our resources and precious time

Title refers to God is able and can only do good, and readable G O D Good or GOD (is) Good or (G od O nly D oes Good)

Repetition and use of synonyms is intentional, deliberate and purposeful in order to help you appreciate the essence or theme of the work

For those who do not believe in God or those who have no faith in God, for them I write God is God, God does good as God, God does not act like man because man is God's creation; God is Divine, His acts are Divine and Deeds, because God is Omnipotent or All Powerful, and He does nothing for and on behalf of or in favour of a man, God does what He thinks needed or what He considers necessary for the good of mankind and not for a particular man or person and for protection of His creations, He gifts are for a limited period of time and not divine, not infinite and not permanent

For those who do not know or understand the differences between God's deeds (Divine Acts) and man's mortal (temporary, limited and not divine), God (Immortal and Creator of man) and man (mortal, not creator of man), God (is Good, only does Good), man (is mortally good and may do good only for man, temporarily under his limited power and knowledge or wisdom)

God is religion/ community/creed/caste free, as God does not belong to any specific land (He owns the infinite Universe), country, religion, community, home or family

This work does not hurt anyone belongs to any religion, known or unknown, recognised or unrecognised

This work does not promote or canvass any specific or particular religion, religious faith/philosophy/doctrine/theory/concept/practice/convention/custom/creed/scripture/book/work/word/alpha/language

This work has no concern with any known creed, culture, convention, religious act, faith or belief and / or faith in God or faith on God's acts

New Words:
Nomoskaar = a salutation or wish word
Name (one word) given to address God: Alcreator or AlCreator, Alpowerful or AlPowerful, Aldoer or AlDoer, Alactivator or AlActivator, Almaker or AlMaker

Banvil Assembly of God Free School, a fictitious name

Daniel, and his father, Samuel are the fictitious characters

Please assume, presume or suppose nothing unnecessarily or inadvertently for misinterpretation of anything (This is no warning)

Please remember, if you do not understand the work, please escape or leave this work simply (This is no warning to reviewers); this is my earnest request; if you write in your review these are warnings, these would be examples of misinterpretation)

Picture borrowed on free download from internet

Thank you for reading and writing a fair, creative and misinterpretation free review as you please in your own style. 525 words

Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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© Copyright 2016. Alcreator Litt Dear All rights reserved.
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