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    Ghost Contest Winner 
 Category:  General Non-Fiction
  Posted: July 26, 2019      Views: 80

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A contest story
"The Unwelcomed Visitors" by Sandra Elizabeth Williams

We moved to North Avenue, Hampton Green late 1995. The house was huge, to say the least, and was perfect for me, my two children, two sisters, a brother and our mother. The yard was also quite spacious and had several fruit trees. My prayers over the past ten years had been answered; we were reunited with our mother and it was great.

Two years went by like a breeze. A friend introduced me to one of her baby daddy's brother to teach me how to drive and before long we became an item. He slept at my house sometimes. My brother had met and fallen in love with a girl and she too slept at our house from time to time.

One particular night after we had retired to bed, feeling somewhat aroused, I tried to wake up, thinking that my partner was up to his loving ways. To my surprise I could not rouse myself and instead felt like I was being held down by an unseen force. After some struggle I was freed and when I looked over at my partner he was fast asleep. I woke him, enquiring whether he was touching me, but he said no. He held me closely the rest of the night while I attributed the incident to my imagination and was able to go back to sleep.
Months passed and life progressed. I enjoyed partying; if not with my boyfrend or my best friend or my siblings, then off I would go alone.

Once, after returning in the wee hours of the morning, I turned off the light in my room and crept into bed, tired. Suddenly in the darkness I sensed a weird kind of darkness and became afraid. I jumped up, turned on the light and went to sleep.
On another occasion after coming home from a night of partying on a Friday night, I slept in late the Saturday. I was awakened by voices I heard; apparently someone was trying to wake me up and it was proving difficult. The voice sounded as if it was talking to another and said, "She's so hard to wake!'

I attributed this also to my imagination and promptly went back to sleep.
A few months later my brother announced that his girlfriend was pregnant and she started living with us permanently.

One day she shared with us a disturbing dream she had. She and my brother were in their room and a fair skinned woman was beating them both. Although we were concerned we didn't do anything. Not that we could anyway.
Things came to a header approximately one month later, one Sunday night during a power outage. I was alone at home with my children and my niece. Due to the fact that she shared a room with her mom, my sister, which was located at the west end of the house, I called out to her to come and stay with me and her cousins. She was about four years old. She responded and I heard her little feet pitter patter on the floor coming towards my room. Suddenly she let out a blood curdling scream at which time I ran out to her.

She was very agitated and I couldn't calm her down even after I had taken her to my room. By the time the light returned she was calm and told us she saw something scary. When her mother returned home she told her she had seen a woman in black with long hair and she was heading to my room. She said the woman was very ugly.

Fear gripped the entire family and I, being fully terrified, refused to sleep in my room.

Events went from bad to worse which led me to question the neighbours about the past occupants. It was revealed that two persons had died in the house; one in my room and the other in a passageway near my brother's room. Photos were shown to me which I showed to my siblings.

If I didn't believe in ghosts before I certainly did by then, because from the photo, my sister-in-law was able to identify the woman she had seen in her dream who was beating her and my brother. We were horrified and terrified.
One Saturday evening, a girl who lived with her mother and sister in a bungalow at the back of the compound, ran out bawling loudly because she said she felt someone touching her as she laid on her bed, though she could see no one else in the room with her.

I recalled my experience the particular night months before and realized it was not my imagination.
My perfect eye-opener occurred months later when, sitting at home and chatting with my mother, I saw in plain view, an entity in white stroll into the house then disappeared. My son, who was nine years old said, "Mommy, it just passed!" That confirmed to me that none of the events were ever my imagination at all!

I called upon some church members to visit the house to exorcise the entities. They quietened down but did not leave.
My sister-in-law's baby was still-born at birth.
We eventually moved out of the house in 1999.
Contest Winner
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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