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 Category:  Young Adult Fiction
  Posted: September 1, 2019      Views: 185
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I put my dreams on hold for many years after tragedy struck our family, I realized that no one is promised tomorrow. If I put off my dreams much longer that's all they'll ever be.
So I pound away at keyboard day after day, hoping to make - more...

She is an accomplished novelist and is currently at the #13 spot on the rankings.

She is also an active reviewer and is holding the #65 spot on the top ranked reviewer list.

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This work has reached the exceptional level

Chapter 1 of the book Pushed Too Far
Jeremy's enemies push him too far
"Wage War" by Mistydawn

Exhausted, Jeremy plops down on the bench. The seizure-like symptoms correlated with his illness briefly leaves him in a weak state. Oh, how I wish my life was different. He notices rain clouds hanging heavily overhead. This murky sight adds to his eternal gloom.

The physician diagnosed him with chronic tic disorder at the age of two. Although he has a mild form, his symptoms cause him a lot of grief, especially with his peers.

He sees his classmates heading towards him as he continues to glance around.

"Oh look, monkey man is out of his cage," Paul says as they approach him. The crowd giggles. This and other dreadful names started in the first grade after a violent episode.

"Is this how the dance goes?" Paul impersonates a baboon.

"Maybe ape-man is saving it for graduation."

"He'll be walking down the aisles doing this." Paul flaps his extremities, similar to his buddy. The crowd laughs again.

Fed up with their taunting, Jeremy springs from the bench. "Leave me alone."

"What are you going to do if we don't? Huh, punk, what?" Jeff pushes him.

Jeremy falls to the soil, the way he has numerous times before. Enough is enough. It's time I take a stand. Fire shoots from his blazing eyes as he growls through clenched teeth. "I'll show you what." Jumping to his feet, he swings a right hook; it clocks Jeff in the nose. He roundhouses him with a left quickly followed by a right. Jeff folds to the dirt.

Lifting his adversary by his collar, Jeremy glares into his eyes. "Do you have anything else to say? Well, do you, punk?"

Jeremy's alarm startles him awake. I wish I could do that for real. He pictures the scenario and smiles. He then imagines the consequences that'll undoubtedly follow. I'll be pulverized by his buddies if I do. He throws back the covers and sighs. I wish I didn't have to go to school.

This is a normal conviction, more so today than ever. The teachers will be so distracted preparing for graduation that his enemies will have plenty of opportunities to make his life hell.

One more day and I'll never have to see any of them again. Jessica's face quickly comes to mind. She's the only one I'll miss at that horrid place. She's my sweetheart, the love of my life; the reason I go on. He pulls her picture off his nightstand and gives it a kiss. "Good morning my love," he says as he gazes into her big blue eyes.

Jerry and Rachel are busy at their desks trying to solve a new case. There's been a rash of burglaries in town and the team agreed to assist with the investigation.

Jerry, the lead detective, started at the station fourteen years ago. He did so well that he became a detective in a little under four years and a sergeant two years later.

Rachel's only been a part of the force for seven years, a detective for two. She was initially a nurse for Carroll General, but after helping the guys solve a murder, she decides to change careers. Joe, the captain shaped her into one of the best cops and then one of the best detectives on the force. She and Joe married five years later.


"What's wrong, Rachel?" Jerry questions, hurrying to her side.

"Joe Jr's decided to play soccer again." She rubs her swollen belly. The baby kicks in response.

"I bet he's going to be one heck of an athlete."

"My broken ribs prove that."

Joe rushes to their desk. "It's time, it's time."

"Flash to the rescue." Rachel laughs.

"This is no time for jokes, let's go, let's go." Joe tugs on her arm.

"It's not time, Joe."

"What?" He releases her arm. Rachel falls against the chair.

"I'm not in labor; your son is playing soccer again."


"Don't worry, boss. He'll be here soon."

"I hope so. I'm not sure how much more of his kicking my insides can take."

"Is there any news on the burglaries?" the captain asks.

"A neighbor reported a black Mustang circling the block. There is only one in town; it belongs to Tolbert. Rachel is heading over there now."

"I'd rather you go, Jerry."

"He's busy on another lead."

"What if you go into labor?"

"I'll call dispatch."

"What if the ambulance is on another call and everyone else is busy?"

Rachel rolls her eyes. "And what if there's a hurricane, or volcanic eruption while I'm out?"

"In Arkansas?" Jerry questions, scratching his head."

"They're more likely to happen than what Joe just said."

"You're being ridiculous, Rachel."

"No more than you." Hoisting herself up, she turns towards her husband. "I'm getting hot water for my tea, so you better follow me, just in case."

"You're impossible, Rachel, just impossible."

"Yeah, but you love me." Smiling, she waddles away.

Jeremy's day went by smoothly. His rivals were so busy giving the teachers trouble they didn't pay attention to him. Although it was lonely at times, Jeremy would rather be invisible than teased.

One more night and I'll never have to go back there again, he reasons as he steps through his gate. He sees his mom laughing as she opens the door. Her humor stops abruptly when she notices Jeremy on the porch.

"I... I didn't realize you'd be home so early, sweetheart." She smooths out her clothes before she continues. "The salesman was demonstrating his vacuum for me."

"She liked all my, its fancy gadgets." the salesman winks.

"It would make things easier, but I'm afraid it's too expensive." She glances from the salesman to her son.

The peddler clears his throat. "I can set you up with a payment plan."

"I'll be sure to talk to my husband about it, tonight."

"Here's my card. Call me when you decide." Handing her a piece of cardboard, he rushes down the steps.

Jeremy smells his mom's perfume, as he brushes past. "How could you, mom?"

"How could I what, dear?"

"How could you sleep with him?" Jeremy tearfully exclaims.

"Don't be ridiculous, I'd never cheat on your father."

Clinching his fists, Jeremy throws them down by his side. "Stop lying to me, mom."

"I'm not." She looks away.

"Liar." His stomach tightens into a hard knot as he darts through the gate; his left eye begins to twitch. Not now, please not now. Jeremy sees his classmates shuffling towards him; he searches for a way to escape.

"Hey look, it's monkey man. I wonder if he'll do any tricks for us."

"Leave me alone, Jeff." Both eyes begin to twitch. It'll go to my arms soon. Jeremy tries to step around him. Jeff pushes him back. "Leave me the hell alone." Jeremy shoves the thug away. Jeff's muscular body plummets to the ground; the gang closes in. My worst nightmare is coming true. Terrified, Jeremy dashes down the road.

"I'm going to get you ape-man," Jef yells behind him.

Realizing he isn't being followed. Jeremy sighs with relief. How can she cheat on dad like that? he asks as he reaches the park.

Jeremy spots Jessica and Paul at the top of the hill. Paul yells something and then storms to his car. Jessica falls to the ground.

"He hurt her. The bastard hurt my girl." Jeremy rushes to her side. "Are you alright?" he asks, plopping down beside her.

She glances at him; tears streaming down her angelic face. "Oh, Jerr bears." She sobs as she falls against him.

He gently strokes her long, brown hair. "It'll work itself out, it always does."

"I don't know how," she bawls.

He wraps his arms around her. The warm embrace feels so good, so right like it was meant to be. One day we'll do this all the time, he thinks, hugging her tighter. "You know I'm here for you no matter what."

"Even if I'm having Paul's kid?"

Jeremy pushes her away. "What?"

"I'm pregnant Jerr Bear," she cries.

"Get away from her ape-man," Paul orders, stomping towards them.

Jeremy springs off the ground. "Make me, asswipe."

Paul charges towards him. Jeremy moves out the way. The tyrant tumbles to the ground.
"You're going to get it now," Paul bellows.

Jeremy sees Jessica crying harder than before; the precious time they've shared together quickly comes to mind. He's hurt my sweetheart, my love."No one hurts Jessie, no one, not even you." He kicks Paul in the ribs. Years of pent up rage surfaces; he kicks him again. Paul grabs Jeremy's leg and jerks him down. A cloud of dust emerges as they scuffle in the dirt.

"Cops," Jessica yells as she jumps to her feet.

Jeremy pins Paul to the ground. Glaring into his eyes he snarls. "I'm coming for you. For you, and all your pals." Punching him one last time, Jeremy darts away.


The book continues with Breaking Point. We will provide a link to it when you review this below.
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