The Vulnerable
A few thoughts about the silenced.
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 Category:  Satire Non-Fiction
  Posted: September 6, 2019      Views: 44

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Stumbly (screen name revised to Stumbly Up One), has basically achieved his purpose in writing his book BEAUTY SUBJECTED TO MARKETS in Revelation. He believes this means the "Mark" is the LOVE OF MONEY.
His meandering course to a "career" has - more...

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Kindness to Pets often takes a strange turn.
"Paradox: Warped Kindness to Pets" by Donald O. Cassidy

Proof that domestic animals can be trained in useful tasks is that "tough love" is better for both animal and human beings. For example, a wide range of breeds of dogs helps determine the breed most fitted to train,especially for service. In addition to Kennel Corps for military service, police dogs featured for investigation of crimes, and arctic sled dogs. Professional trainers are assigned these roles.

Through the years I've had pet dogs, some of which were very smart. Lacking credentials to train a dog In my old age, I almost envied dog owners who consulted Caesar Moline (sp) who demonstrated his knowledge and expertise in handling pet dogs.
[ Also on "One Magnificent Morning" is "Call Dr. Poll," a skilled veterinarian. This is courtesy of CBS network, and local affiliate W K Y T, C W, a second choice. This scheduling was on Saturday morning early.]

The choice of dogs for the Housing and Urban Development (H U D) apartments where I liveis a variety of small dogs. Some are miniature size, a factor of low economic choice.

By contrast, celebrated dog shows on a grand scale, are luxurious breeds of amazing variety.
Their men and women owners and handlers, in their dressing, mostly reveal good taste in grooming, but one must wonder if they're charitable to needy human beings.

Here is where I zero in on my title, Paradox: Warped Kindness to Pets.
About 15 years ago, among the many non-profits and charitable organizations was People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals ( P E T A ) Although I've long been on low income, these sources still flood me for donations and promotions. I seldom dismiss many out of hand, I'd go bankrupt giving to even a tenth of them with only a small sum.
So, upon P E T A 's hype and hardsell, I held their feet to the fire by questioning how they could prioritize favoring pets, and other animals, at the expense of human beings in desperation.

I reasoned with them that my principle was stewardship toward all animals and , of course, to all human beings. I asked if they would favor a pet to the neglect of humanity. I asked if that pet would attend them in their terminal illness?

It was many years before I had any word from them.

I suppose I would be called cruel if I pointed out that many charitable agencies would be consistent in flooding the mail in pleading for funds, when the surplus of letters must go to the landfill? Specifically, I have this gripe with environment people who pounce on me with hundreds of requests for money, and by necessity I must trash those letters.

( How is this for starters on my complaints? )

I could criticize pet fanciers who let dogs lick mouths, or take initiative in kissing dogs in the mouth. Just because a dog's salvia is healing to wounds is not an excuse to pamper poouches.

Author Notes
This post is longer than I prefer, but I try to touch the major bases, and let the reader connect some dots. I try to prerempt dissent from my argument, but that's not always successful.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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