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 Category:  Supernatural Fan Fiction
  Posted: September 14, 2019      Views: 181
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I write for the believers, the non-believers, and the true believers.

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Chapter 21 of the book Demons, Heroes and Fortune Cookies
A distant memory connects with the future
"Awakening Pt.1" by Cybertron1986

A dorm room, where a murdered soul lingers, is occupied by a geeky but athletic young man with a dark family past. There is a glow about him, that foretells the fate of both the spirit, and the world

-Stockton, California, Fall 1989...

She bought the wooden softball bat from the sports department at SEARS partly because it was not only on sale, but for the reason she could not distinguish the difference between a softball bat from a baseball bat.

El's mom noticed his growing interest in baseball during his sophomore year of high school. The majority of his classmates played on various teams, or some organized city youth league.

Eu El, on the other hand, spent his developmental years perfecting the science of babysitting. This was at his father's request. His sister, who barely begun kindergarten, needed more attention than from what his father provided her between every televised inning of a Boston Red Sox game, or the amount of money he threw away to the relatives in East Asia. His father did have a plan for the future, but it did not include El.

When El was able to practice his favorite sport, he improvised binder paper which he crumbled and taped together to form a crude sphere. He learned through much trial and error that by adding more layers of binder paper around the center, the ball became heavier. Since he never held a real baseball in his hands before, El estimated the proper weight. His father would never think of buying El a real baseball for him to practice with, let alone celebrate his birthday, buy a Christmas present, or consider capturing those once in a lifetime moments of El with a photograph.

El's father was convinced his second born son was born to fail, and embarrass him as a parent.

However, El was special. El's father played catcher in high school. According to the stories his mother shared, El's father was quite a hitter. Eventually, a bit of that talent had carried over into El's nature. Unfortunately, his father refused to see, or nuture that ingrained love for the science behind hitting a baseball. There was never a small acknowledgement of his son's uncanny ability to consistently hit a six inch target from fifty feet away, which El drew onto the brick wall of a classroom at the nearby elementary school with chalk.

This marksmanship was strengthened from the countless days spent of the school's grass field during the summer. The neighborhood kids called the field a "Sandlot."

His mother never spoke of sports. To her, badminton and tennis rackets were all the same as the balls used for American football and soccer. Yet, even with her lack of knowledge of sports, she was the only adult willing to acknowledge El's passion for baseball, even when she had little money to spare.

The softball bat was unique among all the other bats. This bat was autographed by Steve Garvey, record holder of most consecutive games played in the National League (1,207).

El had it signed in that summer of '89, when his mom took him to a sports card show at the local mall in Stockton, where his mom usually bought new church clothes. El didn't know who Steve Garvey was, but his mom insisted the softball bat be signed since she remembered seeing the All-Star in a 'Hungry Man' commercial in between "The Price is Right," and her favorite soap opera, "General Hospital."

El didn't complain. Like his mother, he, too, perceived all bats to be equal.

Besides, awkward as it was to use a softball bat for baseball games, El finally had something more respectable than the broken broomstick handle his father gave to him when El asked for a bat to hit paper balls.

There would be games for El to compete in. Yet, they mainly comprised of a rag-tag ensemble of children of various ages and skills. Some of the players were as young as seven years old, while the eldest , the pitcher, had recently attained his driver's license.

"Shut up! I need to go soon! I have to call someone!" the pitcher exclaimed.

The younger players were intimidated by the pitcher's masculine, deep voice that already passed puberty. The fact he was almost legal to drink alcohol seemed to emit an aura of invincibility to the rest of the players.

The "phone call" the pitcher mentioned was meant for El's cousin, Gigi. The pitcher had a crush on her ever since he met her the week she visited from Florida to spend Christmas at El's house.

Gigi, just a year younger than El, used him, for most of the time, as an excuse to escape the surveillance of El's overprotective parents, and spend the afternoon unsupervised at the arcade. Yet, instead of playing Galaga, or Ms. Pac-Man with the twenty dollar bill El's father gave the two, Gigi left El without any game tokens, or money for the remainder of the day that she, instead, would spend with the pitcher.

The pitcher had just struck out two batters...with just six pitches, each third strike a swinging out.

And, now, El walks up to the plate...

The book continues with Awakening Pt. 2. We will provide a link to it when you review this below.

Author Notes
Please note this is a chapter from an ongoing novel I am currently writing. To understand the chapter, and the relevance of events, please read the previous chapters. Thank you.

Enjoyed this chapter? You'll love the additional chapters already posted. Feel free to follow on Facebook: Fortune Cookies (EL)
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