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 Category:  Commentary and Philosophy Non-Fiction
  Posted: September 24, 2019      Views: 18

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Lady, 61 this year. I'm using the phone to write reviews.

Perth, WA, was my home but now I live in Queenstown in Tasmania, where I live by myself. No children or friends, I spend my time renovating and playing internet games. Ive do - more...

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Do they always apply to you?
"Rules" by JanPerry

There are so many rules in society put into place to safeguard others and ourselves, but do they always apply to us? Could the system run more smoothly if these "rules" were always justified? Are these "rules" entirely relevant to each person? I'm sure there are times you thought, 'if that rule didn't apply to me right now my life could be so much easier'. Yes and half of those people are in prison serving time, I'm sure.

What about the times where you thought, "If I could just get my licence I could be working and making money instead of budgeting all the time." I'm sure many people have lost their "mojo" by the time they finally got their licence after many trials and tribulations.  I think it should go as an assessment. Those people who do drugs or drink should be tested on a longer process or suspended from having a licence.

There are times where rules impede and not enhance your situation. Like the time my grandfather was dying from cancer. He was situated on the top floor of the hospital in Bunbury and my parents left me sitting on the lawn outside while they visited him and told me to "not go far away."  I was sitting outside his window on the grass down below, he was about five storeys up.  He waved to me from his hospital room window and motioned me to come up to see him. Well, I didn't because Mum told me not to.  I sat there like a cold fish trying to decide what to do next.  Meekly, I entered the hospital entrance to be confronted by a very large sign saying, "children not allowed into the hospital."  I walked back, muttering "well I don't want to see him anyway."

At the time I thought I was justified by not seeing him for "the very last time."  He died one day after that wave, and I thought I should have broken the rules and went to see him.  However, I know how the hospital has guidelines about how noisy children are and that they disturb the sick people.  This time they were wrong.  I had hardly ever seen my grandfather when he was alive because he was a farmer living away from Perth in Greenbushes.  His last name was Millington and he and grandma used to work everyday on their farm tending to about thirty cows bringing in the milk and beef. 

Rules.  Kill them or confront them?  Follow them or die?  The choice is yours.  In life I feel there are times that rules are an impedement to progress, that they stifle all creativity and cause us to be hard faced bitches.  You know, those people who follow rules so closely that they scare you when they are around.

What do you think?

Author Notes
I'm sure there are many rules we could do without but do we contest them, or try to go around them? I myself try to go around them. I still miss my grandfather even though I'd never really met him in person.

note: storey or story? Storey is the English spelling while story is American.
Pays one point and 2 member cents. Artwork by Renate-Bertodi at

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