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 Category:  Humor Fiction
  Posted: October 6, 2019      Views: 31

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Pikesville finished 2nd in the Story in a Poem site contest for May 9, 2019!!!

Meeting Cody - Part Two nominated for Story of the Month for December 2017!!!

Unwanted Dog finished 3rd in the July 2017 Book of the Month Contest!!!

He is a top ranked author at the #84 position.

He is an accomplished novelist and is currently at the #57 spot on the rankings.

He is an accomplished script writer and is currently at the #5 spot on the rankings.

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A typical Friday night at the town's hottest eatery
"Merwin's Cafe" by Brett Matthew West

"Merwin's Cafe"


Two friends meet for a late night dinner at an eatery. A crowd of other individuals are also present. Brody and Zander examine the slice of life occurring around them.

Brody (Looks at his watch): What a week. But, hey, at least it's Friday night here at Merwin's All-You-Can Eat Cafe.

Zander: Can you smell them onions frying? (They sizzle) That grill is as hot as the neon lights.

Brody: Yea, and someone just fired the jukebox up like it just don't care. (Loud music plays from the bandstand) Look at all those idiots line dancing.

Zander: Gotta love that sign on the wall over there that says "In God We Do Trust". Still, Merwin makes all others pay.

Brody: That short order cook flipping them burgers, he's a real good friend of mine.

Zander: For sure, and you gotta love his "Mama" tattoo. So what are you having?

Brody: I got me eggs over easy and hot coffee.

Zander: Bet ole Morris never dreamed back when he was winning them gold buckles in the rodeo he'd wind up in a dump like this some day.

Brody: I heard some bull stomped his guts out, and that's why he crash landed in here.

Zander: See that skinny girl in the back booth?

Brody: (Confidentially) I'd like to get into her jeans, if you know what I mean.

Zander: Man, you better leave that alone. From what I hear she's preggo by a man who won't have nothing to do with her.

Brody: Still, Merwin's is a strange place for a sweet piece of cake like her to be all by herself. I'd gobble her up!

(A crash is heard as a bottle is thrown across the bar)

Zander: Ole Hal over there in that worn out tux ain't never got nothing better to do than slide coins into the jukebox.

Brody: That fool thought he'd bought Mary Ann, but found out he'd only rented some time. Now, he hangs out in here looking to see if some other chick wants to play.

Zander: Get serious for a moment, Brody. That dollar bill hanging there on the wall above the entry into the kitchen is the first one Merwin made.

Brody: And, like Merwin, it's starting to fade.

Zander: (Notices the front door open): Check out that frizzy haired woman. She's got strange eyes.

Brody: That dude she's with is heading straight for the pinball machine.

Morris: Hey, Carmen. Move it or lose it and pick up this order! (He clangs the bell loud three times with his spatula)

Carmen: (Paints her fingernails green. Dreamy) Some day a rich man's gonna come in here and carry me away just like Calgon.

Brody: Zander, look at that long-haired freak digging coins out of his ratty pocket. Bet he ain't got nowhere near enough to pay for his meal.

Zander: You see him smile at Morris, and how the old coot winked back at him? Now, check this out. Morris is asking him if he's got a warm place to stay?

Brody (Laughs) That's a high price to pay. All we need in here now is a good fight.

Zander and Brody (Clink their beer mugs together): Hell, it's just another Friday night, at 2am, at Merwin's All-You-Can-Eat Cafe.


Write A Script contest entry

Author Notes
Red Rose Diner, by meg119, selected to complement my script.

So, thanks meg1910, for the use of your picture. It goes so nicely with my script.
Pays one point and 2 member cents. Artwork by meg119 at

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