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 Category:  Commentary and Philosophy Poetry
  Posted: October 15, 2019      Views: 6

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A legend in my own mind!

He is an accomplished poet and is currently at the #62 spot on this years rankings.

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"The Rabbits" by Mike Stevens
There once were scared rabbits who scurried down a hole,
Running scared from a wild hare with survival as their goal.

Like Dorothy in Kansas they were blown into a surreal land,
Where The Grand Wizard of Oz ruled with a delusional hand.

They did and said inexplicable things using pretzel logic,
All to defend the delusional hare who was demagogic.

It was 'Animal Farm' come to life with a spray-tan pig,
Where Napoleon ruled with delusion and an iron wig.

The rabbits of Oz were too frightened to go against his power,
Napoleon the Pig grew more delusional seemingly by the hour.

You'd think that ONE rabbit would grow some rabbit-balls,
But they didn't want be Humpty Dumpty's and have a great fall.

And so they used a step ladder to kiss Napoleon's posterior,
Chicken guts made for strange bedfellows and a noodle interior.

When Napoleon said preposterous things they just agreed,
For they didn't want to lose their place at the trough to feed.

Until suddenly they looked around at their land one day
And saw the ghosts of all the principals they had betrayed

Reaching for them with haunted Jacob Marley eyes,
And what had become of Oz was something to despise.

Napoleon the Pig just laughed from atop his fast-food throne,
The complicit rabbits at last realized and gave a mighty groan.

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