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 Category:  General Poetry
  Posted: October 23, 2019      Views: 170
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Barb works at the local food bank volunteering her time at the country market. Barb has lived just about every profession there is to do. She has had a wild ride in her lifetime and uses poetry to tell everything. She is a cancer survivor. She hates - more...

She is an accomplished novelist and is currently at the #27 spot on the rankings.

She is an accomplished poet and is currently at the #8 spot on this years rankings.

She is also an active reviewer and is holding the #85 spot on the top ranked reviewer list.

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This work has reached the exceptional level

Chapter 105 of the book 2019 part 4
"Hello, Dahlin'" by Barb Hensongispsaca
I heard you were the best around
and that you really know this town.
I have a job that I need done
and if you help, it might be fun.

I seem to have misplaced my ring
it's diamond studded from a fling
I had with 'him' a few years back.
He really was good in the sack.

I took his ring when last we met
'cause he had lost it on a bet.
It was so stupid, you'll agree,
'cause, really, it belonged to me.

He owed me for a favor done.
I helped him hide a suspect's gun -
and other favors that I did ...
forgot the bodies that were hid.

I thought his ring would pay the debt.
He laughed and said I should forget.
You see, he had some dirt on me
I wanted no one else to see.

The ring held all the proof I'd need
to keep me safe from his pure greed.
He bet his life I'd never get
it off his finger where it set.

I got the ring, it was my prize,
but it was greatly oversized.
I need you to go 'round with me,
I need an escort, don't you see?

I need an extra set of eyes -
and no I'm not telling you lies.
My Hoffa will not look for me,
'cause I know he will let me be.

Author Notes
This is my interpretation of the picture chosen for the 'picture this' challenge.

James Riddle Hoffa (born February 14, 1913; disappeared July 30, 1975, later declared dead July 30, 1982) was an American labor union leader who served as the President of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT) union from 1957 until 1971.

Hoffa became involved with organized crime from the early years of his Teamsters work, and this connection continued until his disappearance in 1975. He was convicted of jury tampering, attempted bribery and fraud in 1964, in two separate trials. He was imprisoned in 1967 and sentenced to 13 years. In mid-1971, he resigned as president of the union as part of a pardon agreement with President Richard Nixon; and he was released later that year, although barred from union activities until 1980. Hoffa, hoping to regain support and to return to IBT leadership, unsuccessfully attempted to overturn this order.

Hoffa vanished in late July 1975 and was never found. He was declared legally dead in 1982.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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© Copyright 2016. Barb Hensongispsaca All rights reserved.
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