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 Category:  Commentary and Philosophy Poetry
  Posted: October 28, 2019      Views: 110
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I have returned to Fanstory after a break of nearly two years. I wrote under the handle "alpacalady" but decided that as I no longer am part of an alpaca breeding concern, my id needed changing. My new name Gypsymooncat reflects my star-sign (Cancer) - more...

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Chapter 4 of the book RESIDUE OF WAR
For those who came home changed
"Desert Sand" by Gypsymooncat

Beneath a cloak of indigo where night-birds soon will fly,
I stop and watch the fiery sunset lighting up the sky.
Where I've been I never saw the night look quite so grand,
for all the sunsets blended in to hills of desert sand....

I'm driving my old ute with my past life packed in a bag
(a pleasant change from army trucks or sleeping in a swag).
I hear the rustle of the trees and entertain the thought
that they are saying “welcome home” from battles I have fought.

The road ahead is reminiscent of a domino --
a chequered coat in black and white reflected in the glow.
The rhythmic crunch of tyres on the hardened rock and loam
speaks to me of feather quilts, serenity, and home.

I stand before the door and contemplate a little while,
delaying that fine moment when I'll see my lady smile.
She'll never know how much the thought of her has filled my heart,
and kept it beating all the time we've had to spend apart.

She stands before me, hesitant to make a move that's wrong --
afraid, like me, to break the spell, for it has been so long.
The months have slowly wound on down, a year I've been away;
and though I had a speech rehearsed, I can't think what to say.

She runs to me and wildly throws her arms around my neck,
kissing all my tears away while hers flow down unchecked.
The tour was never meant to last for more than half a year,
now we must pick the pieces up from when I left her here....

For all of us returning from the Middle-Eastern war,
we can't explain how we have changed from who we were before.
We all went in with purpose, yet have come out feeling lost,
from fighting battles that may never end, at such a cost.

The "Holy" War will stay with every soul who played a part,
by plaguing us with inner wars we know are sure to start;
for though our thoughts of home kept us alive, that desert sand
has left its mark on us in ways we'll never understand.

Rhyming Poetry Contest contest entry


The book continues with The Fledgling. We will provide a link to it when you review this below.

Author Notes
Dedicated to all who fought, and continue to fight, the endless war in the Middle East.

Thanks for reading!

Picture courtesy of Tim de Groot, Unsplash Images.


Here is "For You" sung by Johnny Cash and Dave Matthews

from the album, We Were Soldiers (2002).

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