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 Category:  Mystery and Crime Fiction
  Posted: November 3, 2019      Views: 116
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I put my dreams on hold for many years after tragedy struck our family, I realized that no one is promised tomorrow. If I put off my dreams much longer that's all they'll ever be.
So I pound away at keyboard day after day, hoping to make - more...

She is an accomplished novelist and is currently at the #24 spot on the rankings.

She is also an active reviewer and is holding the #64 spot on the top ranked reviewer list.

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This work has reached the exceptional level

Chapter 13 of the book Pushed Too Far
Jeff and Tony are questioned about Paul's death.
"False Blame" by Mistydawn

 Jeremy is taken hostage by Jeff and Tony. Jessica the love of Jeremy's life is beaten by Paul. Barry saves Jeremy and then he and Jeremy save Jessica.
In retaliation, Jeremy beats Jeff and put him in the trunk. He then hits Tony with Jeff's car. He and Barry decide to take Jeff to Barry's cabin leaving the car, Tony, and incriminating evidence for the police to find.

Paul was attacked by the wild boar. Barry shoots him with plans to frame Jeff and Tony for his death.
The police arrest Barry, Jeremy, and Jeff
. They're released. Joe discovers a discrepancy in their story

Jeremy's hands tremble, his face turns ghostly white. He wipes the sleep from his eyes as he reads Jessica's text again.

The intruder bangs louder than before. "Berryville PD, open the door, now."

Barry anxiously snatches the phone away.

"I didn't know you were going to do what you did," Jeremy explains as tears swell in his big brown eyes.

There's pounding again. "The place is completely surrounded so come out with your hands up."

A terrified look spreads across Jeremy's face as he nervously shifts his weight. "What... What are we going to do?"

"Stall them as long as you can.

"But I..."

Barry pats Jeremy's back. "Don't worry, son,  I got this." He darts down the hall.

Jeremy looks towards the door and then back at Barry not sure what he should do. Horrid images suddenly come to mind. Jeremy first imagines being tossed in a cell. He then pictures brawny men beating
him up. The way they did in the movies.  He glances towards the bolted back door and then the small windows. There's no way to escape. Tears stream down his pale face.

The intruder bangs again. "This is your final warning. Open the door or we'll break it down."

Jeremy anxiously glances down the hall.

"Go ahead, son, I'm done.
We came in at a quarter till one." Barry winks.

Jeremy's entire body quivers as he trudges to the entryway. He turns to find Barry closing the office door.

A large hand grabs Jeremy's collar and pulls him through the door. A second set of hands tosses him on the lawn.

Air explodes from his lungs when he lands. Jeremy looks up to find Paul's brawny gang over him.

Joe finds Jerry and Kirk at their desks when he races through the door. He zig-zags around the assortment of furniture to their small section of the station.

"Jerry, find Barry's statement for me."

"Sure thing, boss." He shuffles through a stack of papers. "Is something wrong?" He asks as he hands it over.

"I'm not sure." Joe scans through the report. "It's not here." He tosses the paper on the desk.

"What isn't boss?"

"What time he and Jeremy claim to have made it home."

Kirk glances up from his computer. "He said around midnight I believe, sir."

That's what I thought too. "Do we have his security footage, Kirk?"

"Didn't think we needed it since he and Jeremy were in the clear."

"Has our suspect said anything?"

"Not a lot, boss. He claims he's not sure what happened. Said he recalls he and Jeremy having it out over on Main Street and then waking up in Barry's cabin. Said Barry told him he'd called and asked for a tow, but he doesn't remember making the call."

"Is Jeff in the interrogation room?"

"Yes, sir. Sir, the blood on the clothes found in the trunk belongs to Jeff and the blood matches Paul's."

"Did forensics find anything else, Kirk?"

Kirk taps a few keys. Their report comes up on his computer screen. "The fingerprints on the gun belong to Jeff and the ones on the spent bullet is Tony's."

"Jerry, bring Tony back up here."

"Yes, boss." He jumps to his feet.

"Kirk, grab a few officers and pick up Barry and Jeremy. Be sure to get the tape this time. "

"Copy that, sir."


Hearing a commotion on the front lawn, Barry grabs his rifle and darts outside. Seeing what's going on, he squeezes off
a round. "Get the hell off my property before I put a bullet in your ass," he barks. Barry feels a hard object press against his head. He then hears a click of a gun.

"Drop your weapon," a deep, gritty voice orders.

Barry sees squad cars pull into the drive as he lowers his weapon. He glances over at Jeremy who's bleeding on the cold, wet ground. I hope they hurry

Discovering the commotion, the officers spring from their cars, guns in hand.

"Berryville PD, hands where I can see them, do it now."

The gang throws their hands in the air.

"You on the porch drop your weapon. Do it now."

The man darts inside.

"I've got him, detective." The rookie sprints across the lawn.

Barry hears a loud bang and then a thud. He turns to find the bloody gunman beside him.

"He had a little run-in with your floor." the officer explains as he shoves his suspect across the porch.

"Hate when that happens." Barry chuckles.

"Let's get the rest of these low-life's loaded up. Let's go, let's go," Kirk orders.

Barry walks over to Kirk. "I'm so glad you guys showed up when you did. We'd probably be dead if you hadn't."

"You and Jeremy are coming too."

"Why us?"

"Joe wants to ask you a few questions about last night. Says he wants to see your security footage too. "

"Barry," Jeremy frighteningly mutters.

"Tell them the truth son and you'll be alright."


Jeff glances around the cold, bleak interrogation room. His home away from home his dad likes to call it. He claims Jeff is there more than his house. He then recalls what his probation officer said. "I might be doing tome upstate." Happy memories play in his mind. "I'll never have those times again." A tear trickles down his cheek, he wipes it away. His thoughts are interrupted when Joe storms in the room.

"So, we meet again."

"I... I didn't do anything wrong. I swear."

"Like you swore all the times before?" Plopping down in the chair, Joe opens the vanilla folder. He then turns the camera on.

"It's different this time, I've really cleaned up my act."

"Driving on a suspended, that doesn't sound like you're cleaning up your act to me."

"I did that but I...I didn't do what you guys claim." 

"If you didn't do it then how did Tony end up in your trunk and why does the gun that killed Paul have your prints all over it?"

"I...I don't know."

Joe slams his hands on the table. Jeff jumps back. "Come on, fess up. We know you did it. Paul's blood is all over your clothes." He plops a picture on the table. "You can't say they aren't yours because they have your DNA all over them."

"I... I didn't do it, I... I swear," he blubbers.

"Tony claims you and he killed Paul and then you tried to kill him." He slides a piece of paper across the table.

Jeff sees Tony's sloppy scribbles across the sheet. "That's not what happened." He wipes the tears away.

"I have his sworn affidavit right there." Joe points to the piece of paper. "So, unless you can prove differently, you're under arrest for murder and attempted vehicular homicide. You'll be lucky if you don't get sentenced to life."

Jeff's body quivers. "Life, no. I... I didn't do it, I swear, he bawls" 

"Then explain to me how your prints are on the gun and why Paul's blood is on your clothes?"

"I... I don't know. All I remember is having it out with Jeremy then waking up in Barry's cabin."

"So, let me get this straight. You claim you and Tony were beating up Jeremy, Barry pulls up, you run off and the next thing you know you're at his cabin?"

"Yes, wait no, Barry broke up the fight earlier in the night. I found Jeremy later and decided to finish the job. Tony wasn't with me then." He wipes his face again.

"Where was Tony?"

"His house, I guess. That's where I dropped him off."

"So, you beat up Jeremy the second time and then...?"

"I woke up in Barry's cabin."

He didn't do any of the stuff he normally does when he lies and I've never seen him cry. Being a frequent flyer, Joe knows his actions well. "Sit tight a minute."

Jerry steps up beside him when he walks out the door. "We have enough to convict without a confession." 

"I know, Jerr, but this whole thing doesn't make sense. Where's Tony?"

"He's next door."

Joe sees Tony looking around when he walks in. "So, Tony this is how it stands. Your fingerprints were found on the bullet that killed Paul." He begins as he thuds across the room.

"I... I didn't kill Paul."

"Jeff claims you loaded the gun and he shot him. I have his statement right here. He plops the file on the table.

Tony anxiously glances at it, then he looks back up. "No, that's not what happened at all."

"Tell me your version of the story. Start with you two beating Jeremy up." 

Beads of sweat pop out across his forehead as he explains. "We planned to, but an old man threatened to shoot us, so we ditched." 

"What happened next?"

"Jeff dropped me off at my house. I decided to go to my other friend's house and that's when Jeff hit me and threw me in the trunk." 

"You're sure it was Jeff?"

"It was his car." 

"Did you see his face?"

A puzzled look crosses his face "No, but he's the only one that drives his car." He nervously fidgits in his seat.

"What time did he drop you off?"

"Around eleven-thirty. Dad was watching cops when I walked in."

"Your dad saw you?"

"Yes. I didn't leave again until after he went to bed. It was nearly one I think." 

"I'll be back." Joe steps into the hall. "What is Paul's time of death, Jerry?"

"The ME put the TOD at 11:30. Said it'd had to have happened within half an hour of her initial assessment because his body temperature was 97.9."

"Call Paul's dad, see if he'll confirm his alibi."

"He could've loaded the gun before he was dropped off."

"It'd take Jeff at least thirty minutes to drive from town from Chrystal mountain. So, unless Sharon is wrong, these two couldn't have done it."

Jerry scratches his head. "Tony could be lying about when he came in, boss."

"That's why I want you to call to confirm."

"Yes, boss. Kirk just called said a gang was beating up Jeremy when they rolled up. Said the gang claims they're getting revenge for Paul's death."

Joe glances back at tony then towards Jeff. They may be right. Jeremy might be our killer.

Jeremy, Highschool graduate, always being bullied by his peers because of his disease, chronic tic disorder.
Jessica, Jeremy's best friend she was raped at a party and was pregnant with Paul's child.
Paul, Tony, Jeff, bullies, Jeremy's enemies
Barry, Jeremy's biological dad.
Bonnie and Max Webb Jessica's parents

Berryville PD
Joe Bower, captain
Rachel Bower, sergeant, Joe's wife, Jessica's older sister.
Jerry, a detective was a sergeant his health forced him to step down
Kirk detective

Jeremy, Highschool graduate, always being bullied by his peers because of his disease, chronic tic disorder.
Jessica, Jeremy's best friend she was raped at a party and was pregnant with Paul's child.
Paul, Tony, Jeff, bullies, Jeremy's enemies
Barry, Jeremy's biological dad.
Bonnie and Max Webb Jessica's parents

Berryville PD
Joe Bower, captain
Rachel Bower, sergeant, Joe's wife, Jessica's older sister.
Jerry, a detective was a sergeant his health forced him to step down

The book continues with Truth, Lies and Speculation. We will provide a link to it when you review this below.
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