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 Category:  Commentary and Philosophy Fiction
  Posted: November 21, 2019      Views: 20

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Pushin' and prayin' for a paradigm shift in Humanity's stinkin' thinkin'.

"I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves. Matthew 10:16

The man who h - more...

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...religion IS politics
"The examination that argues ..." by djeckert

I'm starting to understand the "truth" behind the old cliche that says, "Never argue religion and politics!" Cliches are cliches after all, because there is an element of truth to them. In this case though, THAT element of truth is flawed, in our modern world. It seems to be saying, in effect, "EVERYONE is right, so then, how can you win an argument with someone who is right?" Or, "Why even bother to argue?, isn't there something better to do? "

But, what if our reality, really suggests that Politics IS religion?

The undeniable TRUTH is, that there ARE things that are TRUE, and things that are NOT TRUE (or LIES).
Of course, what I say about all of this political and religion stuff is TRUTH. (lol) I say that tongue in cheek, just to illustrate my point. (The aforementioned idea, ALMOST makes me want to just shut up about religion/politics. But I say, "almost", because my Lord says to me, "Don't do it".)

I am even more bolstered by my finally getting around to watching the miniseries: "A.D. The Bible continues" (which pretty faithfully chronicles the early church of the book of Acts....ok...update, I've now watched it through 4 times... the presentation is so compelling and the acting in it is phenomenal.) This mini series so beautifully illustrates the intimate relationship between what we have come to call "religion" and "politics". A
fact of life that America has been blessed with ( post-revolutionary War) or is it cursed? because, until recently, it has not had to be confronted with it?

I say all this, to say that what really perplexes THIS "Truth seeker", is the obvious rampant existence of a ubiquitously practiced "religion, in America, to live an unexamined life in an unexamined world. Where did this religion come from? And why is it such a popular one? Why such a blind trust and faith in this "establishment" religion?

With just the most rudimentary examination on almost any subject; if a person would just "put aside" the preprogrammed established line of what they are taught to believe is true, and merely examine it with new, unbiased eyes, they very well might come to a conclusion, in regards to the idea of "Separation of church and state", that what they are taught as "truth", REALLY ISN'T. Ultimately, they could then ask themselves "What ELSE am I being lied to about?"

Of course, many seem afraid to examine and embrace TRUTH.
(Even when it stares them straight in the face. ) In effect, THAT can become their working religion. Could this idea be any more potently illustrated, than when Pilate asked Jesus, "Truth... What is Truth?"...

Religion AND politics are REALLY in essence, the same thing. This is KEY: "Religion" being a man's personal quest for Truth, and "Politics" being the practical application of how that man wants to be able to (or NOT able to) live out his life, under his own perception of Truth.

I could go on to illustrate and explain the different religion idealogies and their equivalent or corresponding political ideology, but to be brief, I won't.

Basically, it comes down to what we want to believe as Truth. It ultimately is really about the state of OUR hearts. (see my article entitled, "The mad scientist who bisects our hearts", especially for someone who thinks that science proves this kind of idea as wrong.)

It's a noble thing to have a political belief formed by what your examined perception of Truth is. For example, if your examination has led you to the conclusion that there is no God, and that your "god" should be "the state", and you are willing to hand over your own freewill to the state (an idea, admittedly, abhorrent to Christians and Patriots), then suporting the likes of a Clinton, or a Bernie Sanders, or an Elizabeth Warren, would make perfect sense. After all, a true reckoning of what their platform IS, would in fact reveal that very godless point to them. But even that concept seems unexamined.

I find it interesting however that many avowed atheists declare that the reason that they can't, or they won't believe in the Biblical God is because they can't believe in a God who says in essence "love ME! ... or else!". But any truthful examination of the Bible would reveal to them that there is no greater Champion for our "free will as men", than the God of the Bible. This God ordained Freedom is what our Free country (United States) was founded upon. After all, even God wouldn't want someone to love HIM because of a gun to their head. If THAT (a gun to the head) is what a person believes the Bible is saying, I suggest that they read it again or perhaps a first time.

There seems another major political/religion belief system being practiced heavily that seems to say "I am allright with the status quo, as long as I can keep getting mine." Is this a form of hedonism? This, "I'll go with the safe cronie capitalist fascism status- quo, to stay feeling economically and / or physically secure", that even many professing Christians seem to embrace over what their instruction manual Bible tells them to follow; I also find this very concerning. (See my writing entitled "A toast to those just doing their jobs").

The well examined political/ religious person, I am afraid, seems to be somewhat of a rare bird today. Unfortunately, I think our future as mankind seems to be left in the hands (Or is it, the unexamined minds?) of a "new kind of political/religious creature", that IS (as that "status-quo" continues) giving himself over to another kind of bird: "A rising phoenix". After all, THAT is what lets the "evil ones", or "powers that be", and their controlled politicians, practice THEIR own Luciferian religion upon US. Notice, that they have no problem whatsoever combining their own religion with their politics. They just don't want us Truth seekers to do it, or to even notice that simple fact.

Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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