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 Category:  Spiritual Poetry
  Posted: December 3, 2019      Views: 63

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Stumbly (screen name revised to Stumbly Up One), has basically achieved his purpose in writing his book BEAUTY SUBJECTED TO MARKETS in Revelation. He believes this means the "Mark" is the LOVE OF MONEY.
His meandering course to a "career" has - more...

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Eulogy depicting the irony of child prodigy dying at 50.
"Lonesome Valley; Awaking Radiant" by Donald O. Cassidy

Magnetic personality, intelligent commentator--Absent Now.

Benevolent, generous, a trouble shooter; skilled in electronics, humble in charity, of low income.

Acquisitive of knowledge, sharing, active in passing along message freely.
Learning exceeding standards, a nonconformist, nor settling for the cheap and false.
Nonviolent in blunt correcting of associates, Loving in demeanor, sharing facts, grasping for
more ultimate truth, skeptical of subtle deceivers and ready to expose thieves of many

Denied occupation commensurate with his education, subjected to a system of greedy commerce, and reduced to groveling to pay debts and overhead.
Driving his body of kind heart to overwhelming strain, that organ to an untimely death.
Lacking comforts of death bed and anesthetics, he passed away in squalor, departing loved ones in stark loneliness --
Oh, Danny heart longs for you...
From the darkness of A Lonesome Valley, awake now to a radiance of GLORY,

Author Notes
This nonfiction tribute is to an extraordinary birth, subjected to faulty family relationships and alienation of affection. Conscientious parents early on sought upright values, though a precoucosis child would exceed those ..
values despite unideal environs. Refined tastes, spiritual insights, and careful designs on the part of the father were too readily compromised. While low budgets were not always a curse, the witness of close relatives, and their misused money, would warp a smart young man's judgment Extravagance violated the father's standards, though he equivocated under pressure. In spartan income and occupation often beneath his desires, he sometimes caved in to decisions against his better judgment.
Many factors hindered ideal family association, though intentions were not evil. A sense of church missions, and both sacred and secular education beyond staples of family living readily catered to the physical
appetites of the body.. Such tastes existed in the broader culture. In effect, a scholarly ministry was rare, better theology and church practices too often conflicting with progressive education, both sacred and secular.
A conscientious young man would revile at violations of the Holy Bible
faithfully read.

Hardships of a mission pastor took a toll from model sermon potential of that young man's attendance.

Career, educational gains and Grade Point Averages (G P A) torpedoed a great potential of that young man. As a patient with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (A D H D ), he was denied accreditation of professional dentistry and Medical Doctor credit.

The bottom line was that he slaved at servicing a string soft drink dispensing machines in a big city. He wore his big heart out in efforts to pay bills. That physical organ struck him dead with a cardiac arrest at the age of 50 years and eight months. This grieving father feels he was a victim of an unjust system of trade and shallow values in society.
Oh, Danny Boy, in my grief, I'm confident you will be vindicated in
Glory. Still, as I labor on, my heart longs to meet you in the place "prepared for you." (John

Don Cassidy
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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