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Always be yourself, just know who you can show the entire version or just a hint of the entire version.
 Category:  Biographical Poetry
  Posted: December 4, 2019      Views: 25

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Writing has been my passion since childhood, however that passion has increased tenfold since 2018.
As a young girl, that was raised by a Narcissistic mother, I had challenges facing me daily! My mother told me I would never make a good writer a - more...

She is also an active reviewer and is holding the #31 spot on the top ranked reviewer list.

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Warning: The author has noted that this contains the highest level of language.
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Only the true ones in my life can see COMPLETELY ME
"Completely me" by Melodie Michelle
People mistakingly
thinking they
know me,
because of
what I show
it has to be true
they love to gossip
and make fun ~
while passing
on what they see
and think they know
but all they REALLY know,
is what I show
because BITCHES
I'm in control

I'm so much more
than they can see
I don't think
they want to believe
that some just
don't care to show
themselves to others
that can truly be ~
what others
expect to see
never can I
allow them
to see ~


I made the
when I was
so young
to trust a
little to easily ~
I learned
quite fast
that people suck ~
mother's included
unfortunately ~
she led the team
who doubted me
why is she stupid
and to dumb
to perceive ~
Shame dove
right on top of me
and blanketed me
covering years
of abuse you see
emotionally ~

that's why there's
but one that cared
enough for me ~
to go through
the darkness
and slay
the dragons
for me ~
he's the only one
you see
that I can show
the true
and the real me ~
Because always
with him I'm


It pains me
deep inside you see
that some
see me ONLY
as a bitch, a slut,
no good, lazy, stupid,
a problem, a burden
or they think
I just don't care

... when ...

All I do is care
not what people
think so much
you see
but care that
I'm seen for MY heart
not MY mistakes
I cared to much
and years ago
that almost
broke my soul ~
they only saw
in me what
they wanted
to see
blinders on in
their own world
I believe ~
and faithfully
I'm cool with my
decision of them
not being deserving
in any way to see
that what
they believe
about me
is usually
wrong you see ~

... and still now

... I care ...

But the hardness
I learned to use
to cover it up
is a habit you see
it masks me now ~
and nobody
will achieve
the honorable
position of belief ~
they can never see


I was hurt to much
by fake souls
acting like
they wanted
to be close to me
Yet what they
wanted was
to use me ~
causing me
to perceive
unbelievable actions
the wrong way
you see
Those are
non deserving
you see
to be connected
to the me
that I've always
told them I'd be
They ruined it for all
with one exception
you see ~
my tough exterior
will never show them
what I don't
want them to see
because they
will never again see


They don't have
permission to see,
the entire me
or the me that I
was always
supposed to be
I'm not going
to allow them
to hurt anymore of me
There's only one
allowed inside of me
just so he can see
and that's
my soul mate
that's free ~
free to see every
part of me,
because always
with him I'm


The hard exterior
I acquired
in order to be ~
came at a
heavy price indeed
so the softness
inside could not
be crushed
one more time in me
Because ~
I only show them
what I want
them to see
They also see
what they
choose to see ~

Because I'm
so much more
than anyone is
allowed to see ~
They do not
deserve to see
the me that
I was always
meant to be ~

only what I want
them to know
is what I show
because BITCHES
I'm in control

it's all about him
being able to see
since he's
number one
with me ~
Because always
with him I'm


Not many have
made it past
the hardness
that's shielding me
only a handful
in reality ~
because only a few
deserved to
remain with me
because they can
hang with me
and be loyal to me
and those who can't
they can never see
the me that I was
always supposed to be
The main
population you see
was never ~
going to deserve


I can be sensitive,
sweet, stubborn,
goofy, quick to forgive,
discerning, and even
sometimes afraid ~
The last few came
with time
and a real deep pain

Shouldn't I show
only certain
parts of me ~
that the hardness
that hides inside of me
But it won't change
the fact ~
that I won't allow
any to see
The me that
I was truly
meant to be ~
always with
him I'm


Others see bits
of what I
permit them to see
So, call me names
or talk bad about me
because although
I do care
never will you see
the reality of me ~
To be able to get
past and inside of me
because there is
only that one
that is free to see
because always
with him I'm


There's just so
much more
to me than i
allow anyone
to see ~
Only my best friend
and beyond is free
to hang with me ~
People pretend to care
and it's plain to me
it's for heartless
reasons you see

... that no
one cares ...

because of greed
and jealousy ~
however in reality
no one really
cares about you
nor do they
care about me
unless by magic
and grace you see ~
true angels
appear to me

Those precious few
that stick close to me
are the ones
that you don't have
to fear you see ~
and you shall
allow them to be ~
keepers of the keys
to your soul indeed
so the the fake ones
won't see ~
so never again
will I show
anyone but him
Because always
with him I'm


Those angels
are rare you see
Don't let them go
hold onto
them tightly
Mine are
precious to me
my angels are
really carefree you see.
They are down for me ~
Those angels are
very few you see
and there's only one
that can ever see


If you don't
know me
and all you see ~
is a mask hiding
a really big
part of me ~
Don't be surprised
because ~
you won't need
to actually see
the me that
I'm supposed to be ~
Once you care enough
to climb over my walls
and dig in with me
I'm loyal to mine
and when they're
loyal to me ~
That's when
they will see



Rhyming Poetry Contest contest entry

Author Notes
People that claim to be your friend only when it's convenient for them or fake friends that are all about you if you're popular or doing good for yourself but let the tide turn and see who remains. Only the true people, who truly care about you, THE REAL YOU, will be there.
I don't show the real me to everyone, only the ones that have been there for me, my true ride or die friends. In this case (during this part of my life) that is only one person, my partner. He is the only one that can see COMPLETELY ME!
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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