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 Category:  General Fiction
  Posted: January 4, 2020      Views: 50

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I'm Judy.
I love to write.
I teach high school choir to the most amazing students in the world
I have three extremely successful children
One is a lawyer
One is a professional Athlete (UFC)
One is an Auto Mechanic.
I h - more...

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Children suddenly find themselves alone.
"The Tree House" by jusylee72

We heard something.

Something disturbing, a whisper in the wind, neighbors talking softly, teenagers reacting on social media, children noticing parents fearful attitudes, yet telling them - "We are discussing adult things, go to your room."

A new story on the news, nothing that would really change us.

Yet the air trembled around us. The silent noise frightened us.

My sister, three brothers and I went to play in the park. Mother told us to be home before dark.

I ran ahead of them, capturing my favorite swing before they caught up with me. I pumped my legs hard trying to reach the sky while singing my favorite country western song, "God Bless the USA."

Jeremy, my nine year old brother, grabbed the second swing and joined with me in an unspoken competition to see who could fly higher.

My oldest sister, Pamela, always responsible, showed up later holding the hands of the three year old twins, Micah and Mitchell. She strapped them into the baby swings next to us.

Pam spoke first.

"Somethings wrong, I'm not sure what, but I want the two of you to listen to me." Pam would celebrate her 13th birthday next month. She seemed much older than twelve today.

"Judy and Jeremy, no matter what happens, promise me if anything happens that you will meet me at the tree house by the lake."

Dad built our tree house years ago. We hadn't been there in a long time. It was on Grandpa's ranch, but Granpa had died 6 months ago and we hadn't been there since.

"How are we supposed to get there?" Jeremy looked at her with disbelief. "It's so far from here."

I remained silent. My mind questioning why she was even saying weird things.

"Just promise me you won't forget." She went back and pushed the twins on the swing.

We went home before dark.

Weeks went by.

Pam went to Scobee Middle School. Jeremy and I were at Henderson Elementary. Our school was close by. Jeremy and I walked home together everyday. Pam rode the bus home later in the afternoon. Mom and the twins stayed home.

Our last turn was a block from our house. I was surprised to see the twins playing in the front yard. Our back yard was fenced in. Mom only left them outside alone if they were in the back. Yet, today they were playing tag in the front.

"What are you doing in the front yard, Mom is going to be mad!'

"Mommy's gone. The men took her. They said for us to wait and they would come back for us."

Jeremy and I froze on the sidewalk. Mom would never leave them.

"Where did they take her?"

Mica was the most verbal. "They said Mommy needed to go away but their would be a nice lady coming to pick us up soon. We sat on the porch like they said, but then we started playing. I'm hungry."

I grabbed his arm and took both of them inside. The house was just like it always is. Not perfectly clean yet not a mess. Yet for the first time in my life it seemed like a scary place.

Fear shook my insides. Jeremy and I didn't know what to do. Who took our mother? Why would they leave the little ones alone. I knew how to make macaroni and cheese from the box and quickly put some hotdogs in the microwave.

"How long have you been ouside?" I began to question them.

'Since we were watching Sesame Street."

Mom always made them watch Sesame Street at 9 in the morning. They had been alone for hours.

"Jeremy, go outside and check next door. See if old Mrs. Olsen is home."

He ran for the door, returning 10 minutes later.

"No ones home, I checked three of the houses on the block. They are all empty."

"Pam will know what to do. The bus should be here in the next half hour."

We ate the hotdogs and macaroni even though I was suddenly not hungry at all.
The bus never came.

There were other children on our block. About 5 O'clock I went to check on them. Maddie, one of my best friends lived four houses down. As an only child she was scared.

Some hid in their homes, not wanting to come out waiting for their parents. Others joined me in the search for whoever was left. Maddie, my best friend lived four houses down. When darkness came she didn't want to be alone and came to stay with me. Henry also, 10 like me, showed up with his 3 month old sister.

The world seemed normal. The electricity still worked. We sat the little ones down in the living room after we made sure all of them had something to eat. We brought blankets and pillows downstairs so that we could all be together. Cable didn't work so we couldn't get the news that my parents always used to watch, but we were able to put on a disney movie so that the little ones could watch something and maybe go to sleep.

I sat in Daddy's big chair. Maddie, Henry and I were in charge, yet we had no idea what we should do. I tried not to cry, but right before I finaly fell asleep my tears started rolling. Mica and Mitchell climbed in the chair with me and tried to wipe my tears. I covered them up, snuggled them close and wished for a new morning.
The counsel sat around the round table.

"Stage one has been completed. This species doesn't think like us. They value their children."

"All adults have been taken to the state complexes for elimination. The little ones will fend for themselves for another month. All that survive, will be perfect for the new education we will provide for them."

"The teenagers are the ones presenting problems."

"Aparently, Parents in this world are easy to control.
All you have to say is.  Do you wish for your children to die or will you cooperate?"

'It only took a few of the videos showing the death of children to convince them."

"We procreate for food."

"Babies need to be fed--- To us."

Something akin to laughter filled the room.

"But those teenagers we need them to procreate before we kill them."


Pamela noticed it several weeks before.
She loved school, the challenges, knowledge, especially math.

Her mind enjoyed adventure.

This adventure she never wanted.

The teachers changed.

Her favorite teacher, the choir director, always loved every student. She never gave up on anyone, even if they caused problems. Yet, in the last month she kicked out 10 students, claiming they were unworthy to be in her class.

The day the troops came in, Pamela was in the gym locker room. Melissa, her closest friend complaining once again.

"Every day I hate P.E. more.  I think I'll pretend I hurt my foot so I don't have to run that stupid mile. "

Melissa changed into her P.E. clothes  Pamela was shyer and chose to change in the shower in the back where no one could see her. 

An explosion hit the gym.

The floors shook. Melissa screamed, Pamela oddly stayed quiet.

Loud, pounding feet approached.

Grabbing her clothes off the bench, Pamela yelled to Melissa.

"Come here, now."

Melissa paniced. She ran toward the gym.

The noise of pounding feet seemed to be coming closer.  Pam heard Melissa's scream.  
Strange commands in weird voices began scolding her. Something like, "Get down, Sit with others, Your crying will do no good. Then silence. 

The feet said nothing.

Fear ordered Pamela into action.

At the end of one of the showers was a large closet. Instinct was her only weapon.

Pam opened the closet. Basketballs, racks of weights, old duffle bags, she dove over them, covered herself with debris.

Three days later she ventured out of the closet.

------------------------------------------------------------------------- "
"We need the teenagers.  We need food, babies in their world.  Pure food, unspoiled by the deadly hormones youth creates. This will be our challenge."

"No, it will be easy. We will provide them with the opportunity, young men and women together. 12 years to 17. We will allow them to mingle, leave the young girls with young men. It is a slow process, but if they are well nutured and learn to freely play with each other, we will have an endless supply of new babies.  Then when they get older they will meet the fate of their parents."  

"Right now we have enough children to feed us for ten years. Then we will have a new crop, easily distributed among us. Our plan is brilliant. We just have to choose which ones procreate and which ones we eat. How easy is that?"
It took another day for Pam to find her way home.

I ran to her. Holding her, I stuttered, "Pam, I took care of them. What has happened? Where is Mommy, Daddy?"

Pam seemed different. She had a hardness about her. Something changed in her. I didn't fear her. I trusted her.

Pam needed food. I opened up a can of chili from the pantry. After she ate she looked at me. Determination was in her mind.

"We can't stay here. Where are the keys to the car in the garage?"

"In the kitchen but you don't know how to drive?"

"It doesn't matter. I will figure it out. Get blankets, food, everything you think we need. Don't open the garage door until we have it packed. We are leaving. Tell henry to go to his house, get diapers, formula all baby stuff. Hurry, we can't take long."

We filled the trunk with food. The house next store had no children. That night Pam made us break into it and take batteries, bedding, flashlights, food everything. It felt so wrong, yet I knew we had to do it.

Pam told us to fill up every available bottle with water. 

We waited one more day.

Eight of us crammed into the car.  Pam opened the garage. 

Hoping no one would see us as the dark ascended, Pam, now three days from her 13th birthday. started the car.

"Get down all of you.  Keep the baby quiet."

"Where are we going?"

She didn't hesitate. 

"The Tree House."


This Sentence Starts The Story contest entry

Author Notes
Children surviving against odds. I had no idea when I started writing this that this was the story. That is why I love prompts like " we heard something' it opens our minds and makes us write. I hope you enjoy this.
I have the feeling it will only be the beginning.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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