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 Category:  Mystery and Crime Fiction
  Posted: January 19, 2020      Views: 189
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This work has reached the exceptional level

Chapter 32 of the book What The Blind Girl Saw
Where is everyone today?
"What The Blind Girl Saw Epilogue" by Sally Law

First, I would like to thank you all for reading my novella and making this a life changing experience. I appreciate each and every one of you.

A. Willow Bends, Alex Rosel, Allcreator Litt Dear, Barbara1, barkingdog, brenda bickers, BeasPeas, Ben Colder, Bill Pinder, Carla Trinklein, Cedar, christiecookie999, Cindy Warren, country ranch writer, Debbie Pope, Debra White, Diana L Crawford, damommy, djeckert, Dorothy Farrell, estory, FM Wright, Gail Denham, Gert Sherwood, Heather Luke, Ideasaregems-Dawn, Iza Deleanu, Janilou, Jannypan, Jose Maria Garcia, JudyE, juliaSjames, kahpot, Karen Luciana, Kathleen Washnis, Lady Jane, LaRosa, Lance Loria, lauralumummu, Leanna P, light, Liz O' Neill, Loren, LovnPeace, lyenochka, Mary Kay Bonfante, Mastery, Meia (MESAYERS), meeshu, Miranda Langston, Mistydawn, Mrs. KT, Mustang Patty, Mystic Angel 7777, Pam (respa), Patty Palmer, patcelaw, Phil Nelson, PoemsofDD, poetwatch, Raffaelina Lowcock, RShipp, Ricky 1024, Robert Zimmerman, robyn corum, Rosemary Everson1, royowen, Roxanna Andrews, RP Saxena, rwilliam, Sandra Elizabeth Williams, sandramitchell, Sankey, Shaffer40, Sharon Haiste, Spangle, Supe, Susand3022, Susan X Smith, Sylvia Page, Tammy Novella, tfawcus, Therese Caron, Tina Crute, Tootie, Tootsie55, 24 Chas, Ulla, WalkerMan, and lady, Y. M. Roger.

As most of you know, I am legally blind in real life and have recently taken up writing. This story is loosely based on my real descent from sighted to blind, and the way my other senses have stepped forward to help. It's a phenomenon really, and one I'm still adjusting to. If I can write as impaired as I am, anyone can. I hope reading my work has inspired you in your own writing.

My special thanks~

The love of my life, my husband, Jack.

He cries at all the good parts and laughs at all my jokes. He is my biggest fan and even helps me with HTML codes! I married him because I couldn't live without him and so I could kiss him anytime I want.

My precious family.

Jack, Jared, Adam, Aaron, Crystal, Joshua, Caleb, Tyler, and Sophia. I love you all so much!

My son, Aaron.

He is also my publisher, and presented me with a rough copy for a Christmas gift, just so I would be able to see and hold it in my hands. A dream come true. Thank you, son.

My friend, WalkerMan.

Thank you so much, Mike. I appreciate your final copy editing. Your expert help getting this to publishing has been amazing! You remain my constant encourager.

To my God and Lord Jesus Christ.

Thank you for handing me a pen and giving me the heart to do this. For your glory, my Lord.

So, what happened to everyone?

The courtroom crowd~

Philippe Savard was extradited to France on other criminal charges. It sounds like the same song, second verse. Manslaughter, conspiracy, fraud, and arson were added to his awaiting list. He'll be in France's court system for a long time in my estimation. When France finally lets him go, he will serve out his life sentence in the Louisiana State Penitentiary with no chance of parole.

Charles Dupree died in Lafayette Township Prison and never actually appeared in court. He had turned state's evidence after being arrested and incarcerated. As he neared death, he penned a letter to me detailing his father's murder at the hands of Philippe Savard. It was his final request that I turn the letter over to the court as evidence. He had also repented of his ways, and asked Jackson and me for our forgiveness for his involvement with Philippe Savard. According to the forensic files, he passed away just as he finished the letter.

Charles Dupree's cause of death was internal bleeding from a diamond lodged in the lining of his stomach. Pancreatic inflammation was compounding his physical problems as well, hastening his death.

Paul Bellamy was escorted back to France. He awaits conspiracy and mail fraud charges.

Juror, Velma Watts, returned the money Philippe Savard had given her to throw the jury's vote. She wholeheartedly voiced her opinion concerning his guilt of murder in the first-degree.

Clayborne Moore and Ashley Bishop went to work for the Louisiana State Prosecutor's Office, almost as fast as they left the courtroom.

Clayborne Moore has attempted murder charges ready to be taken up by the State Prosecutor's Office for Philippe Savard when he returns from his "Tour de France." He, too, has a surveillance video from his lunch poisoning from Mouth of the South Cafe. The added bonus was evidence gathered from Philippe Savard's jail cell where he grew the toxic mold used to sicken Clayborne.

Dr. Marie MacLavish always threatens to retire, but openly admitted to me in private, "I will quit my practice when I give up my coffee, and as we both know--that's never going to happen!"

Roy Fitzgerald Owens is still a presence to be reckoned with, and leads the Louisiana State Prosecutor's Office in my next novella.

Judge Preston Hawthorne will be back in my next novella, too. He took a little vacation after the trial and went fly fishing.

Detective Mike Lembowsky bought Andre Dupree's home since we couldn't rezone it for an art museum. Really, I think he just wanted to be closer to King. He loves it, and stays busy with the renovations.

The kind detective also wasted no time offering me a consultant position with the Lafayette Township Police. Jackson and King were naturally included in the offer and will be by my side solving crimes.

As for me, I inherited the pink and white diamonds along with the Dupree estate and artwork totaling over three million dollars. I bought a historical home in Lafayette Township and now have the beginnings of the Andre Dupree Museum of Art. Everything he ever painted will be featured, as well as the gaudy green settee. On the weekends, French pastries from 'Mouth of the South's' bakeshop will be served to our visitors. That, of course, was King's idea.

We still live at 17 Main Street, and enjoy sitting outside watching King chase the butterflies as they light upon the bougainvilleas. We're going to take a little vacation before consulting for the police. We certainly need it.

The French Forget-me-nots~

Hava von Gil and Leo Fermier married in October of 1944 in a civil ceremony. Andre stood up as their best man. Andre lived and worked with them on their family's dairy farm until 1949.

Leo and Hava had one more daughter, Leona. They migrated to Israel in 1949 where they lived until 1998, dying within weeks of each other after sharing a long and happy life.

Andre von Gil became an engineer and later joined the Israeli Air Force. He died in a jet crash in 1982 at the age of forty.

Rachel von Gil-Klein is still living at the age of 75, a widow with grown children and grandchildren.

Renee Dupree (Maman) never fully recovered from the loss of Jeanne-Louise. She died June 1, 1949. Andre set white roses all around her grave. "To the purest and sweetest heart of them all," he said.

Jeanne-Louise Dupree was thought to be a war orphan and was legally adopted by Doctor Francois Segal and his wife, Marie. When Jeanne-Louise was ten, her parents died within a year of each other, leaving her in the care of Marie's sister, Carine La Fontaine. Jeanne-Louise returned to France at seventeen and married right away after falling in love with an American soldier. They had one child, Sally Jeanne-Marie. My mother, Jeanne-Louise, died shortly after I was born from her pernicious anemia. My father needed help, and brought me back to the United States to raise me.

Andre Dupree drove the rebuilt truck into Paris and set his sights on working at the Louvre museum. He landed a job as one of the many who cared for the day-to-day workings of the world's most famous art museum. At the tender age of nineteen, he was promoted very quickly through the ranks to Head Groundskeeper. He was also a street artist and performed pantomimes to earn extra money.

Andre married a young Parisian woman named Ava Bouchard. It was love at first sight for Andre. There was something about her that reminded him of all the women he had loved and admired. They had one son, Charles. Tragically, Ava was struck by a cyclist and killed while crossing the street in Paris. Andre raised Charles almost singlehandedly until he graduated from high school in 1976 and left home. Andre blamed himself for Charles's alcoholism, although there was no truth in it.

Andre kept his promise to Maman to find Jeanne-Louise, which ultimately led to me. He spent decades searching through adoption records and finally hired an expert private investigator. He found me happily married and living in Louisiana.

Andre left his position at the Louvre and made his way to America in 2002. We became fast friends when he moved in next door to us on Main Street in Lafayette Township. My life is better now than it has ever been, just from knowing him.

From Ben Coltrane, Andre's attorney, I finally learned why Andre never told me he was my uncle. As Mr. Coltrane was drawing up Andre's will, Andre explained, "Why disrupt her happiness with my sorrows? She will learn of these things soon enough."

The End ~


Author Notes
All art is from FanArt

Top art: "Let's Face It" by booklotto on

1) "Beauty of the Beak" by Envision on
2) "Yes, Sir, I can Boogie" by avmurray on FanArtReview,com.
3) "Forget-me-Nots & liquid diamonds" by Susan F. M. T. on
4) "White Roses 3" by Galis G on
5) "Mantis" by kmyoung3 on
6) "The Eiffel Tower" by Stringbean on
7) "Tender Moment" by dragifortuna on
Pays one point and 2 member cents. Artwork by booklotto at

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