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 Category:  General Script
  Posted: January 15, 2020      Views: 71
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Have English B.A. with Creative Writing Emphasis from the University of Utah. Came back to after 6 years gone to practice more genres of writing and get writing prompt ideas. I have written over 1500 poems, twenty songs, and sixteen scr - more...

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Chapter 3 of the book The Legend of John Shane
western humor/script Tale of the Rustlers' Trace
"A1S3 Legend of John Shane" by CrystieCookie999

Scene 3

COLE BLACK's office. A large wooden desk sits on center stage. On the front of the desk is a silver pen set, a silver photograph frame with a picture of a house or building in it, a silver tureen-shaped lighter, a silver-handled clothes brush, a silver snuff box, and a silver cigar box. COLE sits, leaning back in a chair, with his feet on the desk. BIG MARTY stands, facing away from COLE at an angle, practicing his quick
draw with one, then two guns, then back to one gun.

(Gloatingly.) Well, Marty, it's just a matter of time before the Claussen ranch is all mine.

(Keeps practicing while talking to COLE.) Yeah, but I don't think MaryAnn's ever gonna wanna marry you of her own free will and choice.

But I've come up with a plan that I think might change her mind. At least, it will look a lot better in the newspaper when they announce our upcoming marriage.

Even if you saved her from a burning building, I don't think she's gonna go for it.

(Dismisses the comment with a wave of his hand.) Oh, well, too bad for her. It's just like the story of the Sheriff of Nottingham and Maid Marian. I'm the Sheriff -- as well as being the town's premier banker, MaryAnn is well, Marian, and you and I both know there's no Robin Hood around to get in my way. Just think, all that lovely silver ore will be mine!

Uh, what silver ore is that?

(Lowers voice.) Okay, Marty, now do you remember the big silver mining operation over in La Plata outside of Ogden? For three years they pulled three million dollars' worth of silver out of that galena ore. That is, until they closed up shop back in 1894.

What does that have to do with your plan?

Well, I happen to know that our little Miss MaryAnn's farm is sittin' on top of a silver motherlode almost as big as La Plata had! Why, I assayed it myself, with one of the commercial prospectors in my employ. That is, while MaryAnn wasn't aware of what I was doin'. (Pulls a rock sample out of a drawer and holds it up to show BIG MARTY.)

Whew! (Grins.) Guess I've moved up into playin' with the big boys now.

That's right. I'm just hoping pretty little MaryAnn hasn't discovered what a treasure she has in her own backyard. Why, as soon as word gets out, there will be all kinds of men tryin' to court her, and I've already had a hard enough time scaring them away. (Emphatically.) They're not gonna get my silver! (Replaces rock in drawer of desk. Pauses, then as an afterthought.) Or the woman I want.

Say, with all that silver, maybe they'll go and name the town after you.

(Gloats.) Yes, I've already thought of that. (In a ringmaster's tone of voice.) Come one, come all to the city of Blackville! Renowned in the West for the most silver ever found in Utah. And here folks, is the mansion of the man who made it all possible, Cole Black. Why, even George Hearst with his fortune in silver from the Comstock Lode, and John Mackay's mansion in Virginia City don't hold a candle to Mr. Black's mansion here in Blackville! And Big Marty, let me tell you what else I'm gonna do.

(Song) "Black Schemes and Silver Dreams"

(Replaces gun(s) in holster.) Yeah, and no one would dare interfere with your plans while I'm around. (Laughs evilly.)

(Admiringly.) Hey, that was pretty good, Marty. Now it's my turn. (Laughs evilly.)

Okay, now it's my turn again. (Laughs evilly, but starts choking and coughing, then beats on his chest with his fist.)

(SAM, WILLIE, IVAN, and PETE enter COLE's office from Stage Right. BIG MARTY continues coughing.)

(To BIG MARTY.) Say, that's a nasty cough you have, Big Marty.

(To BIG MARTY, in a semi-motherly way.) I know what would clear that up! Hot lemon tea and an extra helping of garlic, cod liver oil, and a couple of shots of Tabasco sauce!

(Stops coughing and shudders at the mention of garlic, cod liver oil, and Tabasco sauce.) No, no, I'll be all right. (Assumes macho stance again, pulls cowboy hat down a little farther over face.)

(Impatiently, to COLE.) Mr. Black, what are our instructions for tonight?

Yeah, we wanna get going. I wanna do some sneakin' around and live up to my name, Sneaky Pete.

(Stands.) Well, boys, it seems to me I gotta do a little bit more work to convince MaryAnn Claussen that she just can't do without a man around the house. Now even though I got Marty here to back me up in a tough spot, I'm thinkin' I need the four of you to remind MaryAnn she's gonna be utterly dependent on me financially. So I got a special job for you now.

(Swaggers up a few steps closer to COLE.) We can do the job.

Yeah, whatever it is. You can count on us.

All right then, I want you four to go rustle some cattle.

(To IVAN.) Sounds good! I was in the mood for steak or hamburgers tonight! (To COLE.) Hey, boss, are we gonna have a bar-bee-cue? (Rubs hands together.) I just love a good bar-bee-cue!

No, no! I don't want you to eat them. I just want you to run the cows off MaryAnn Claussen's farm, and make a lot of noise when you do it so you'll make her nervous. She'll come runnin' to me, and then I'll ride in with Big Marty here, and we'll round you four up along with the cattle. I'll pretend to be taking you to jail, but you can "escape" on the way back and head on over to the hotel for a good night's sleep.

(Disdainfully.) I do not permit myself to be "rounded up" like a prize bull.

(Won't take any lip.) Who in blazes do you think pays your wages?

(Taken aback.) Well, you do, Mr. Black.

(Gets in IVAN's face.) All right then, when I say, "Rustle cattle," that's what you're gonna do.

(Sighs.) Yes, sir.

Okay, boys, let's head on out. (Starts to exit Stage Right.)

(As all four outlaws leave Stage Right. Eagerly.) I shore like cattle rustlin'! It's a whole heap easier than cow-tippin' -- any day!

(To BIG MARTY.) All right, Marty, I guess we better go get our horses saddled up and ready so we can respond to MaryAnn's, shall we say, "predicament" tonight?

 behind ya.

(COLE and BIG MARTY exit Stage Right.)

(Lights down.)

The script continues with A1S4 Legend of John Shane. We will provide a link to it when you review this below.

Author Notes
Ogden is a city located about 60 miles north of Salt Lake City, Utah's capital. It was where the Osmonds grew up.
George Hearst and John Mackay were famous millionaires of the 19th Century.
Pays one point and 2 member cents. Artwork by seshadri_sreenivasan at

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