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 Category:  Mystery and Crime Script
  Posted: March 3, 2020      Views: 61
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Begin Again is a resilient "senior citizen". Reinventing and restructuring her life has become almost common place for her.

I love music, books, and sitting by the water. Each of these activities brings a sense of life to me.

She is a top ranked author at the #20 position.

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Chapter 2 of the book Tangled Lives
Introduction to Tadwell's puppets
"Ready, Set, Go!" by Begin Again

Ex-Senator Jack Tadwell's wife was murdered and his assistant stood trial and was convicted. She went to prison and he moved on with his life, taking over his deceased father's business.

Scenes 5 and 6

As the movie progresses, the action has moved forward to Charleston where the Ex-Senator Jack Tadwell runs his family business and he socializes with his new trophy wife. Teri. Two of his top young executives are eagerly vying for a senior position. Michael is madly in love with his wife Lola. Paul, on the other hand, puts little into his marriage to Colette, making her very insecure.
Tonight, Jack has invited the two couples to join him and Teri at his prestigious country club for dinner.

In preparation for the dinner - Scenes 5 and 6

Six months After the Infamous Trial (Chapter 1):




Lola is brushing her long blonde hair in front of her dressing table. Michael is leaning against the doorway, admiring his beautiful wife.



Hmmmm ...have I told you lately how gorgeous you are?



                          Yes, but feel free to tell me again.                          I never get tired of hearing you say it.

(She coyly smiles at him)

          Only thing better is when you show me.



I don't need an engraved invitation, baby.


Michael crosses the room and sweeps her into his arms, nuzzling her neck.

Hmmm ... you smell delicious enough to eat.


Michael passionately kisses her and lets his hands roam across her body. He slowly moves her toward the bed.



She playfully scolds him

Now honey, did you forget
we are going out to dinner?



I’m only hungry for you.

Michael pulls her tight against him.

                        Do you really care if we’re late? 



No, I don't, but you should. 

After all, you are trying to get promoted

 to Senior Vice President, aren't you? 


She wiggles out of his arms, but not before kissing his cheek.


 Mr. Tadwell might not be pleased 

if you keep him waiting. The Senator

still thinks his status is far above

 the people who work for him.



Ex-Senator...I suppose you’re right, but…..


He slips his arms around her.



It’s not my fault you’re so irresistible, is it?


He kisses her gently and then with more passion until Lola begins to resist. Lola whispers in Michael’s ear.



I promise to make it up to you
when we come home.


A groan escapes Michael’s lips, but he releases her from his grasp.



A promise that I shall happily 

hold you to, sweetheart.


His eyes ravage her one more time, before finally conceding. 



You're right! You're right! 

I can see Tadwell getting pissed 

if we're late for his precious dinner party.



Michael, be nice! He is your boss, after all.


 Lola slips strapless gown, stopping to admire her figure in the mirror. 



If you want the job,
you know what it'll take



Yeah! Yeah! Kissing his ugly ass! 

Just wish he wasn’t such a prick all the time.


Michael laughs before playfully swatting at her butt. 


I'd be happier to kiss yours.



Go get ready! We're going to be late.


 She blows him a kiss and leaves the room. 




Phil paces the floor. Colette is putting her makeup on.



Will you stop! If you keep walking 

back and forth, you're going to wear 

a hole in the carpet.


 Collette shakes her head in disgust. 



I don't know what all the hype 

is about anyhow. 

It's just dinner with your boss. Big deal!



Easy for you to say. 

Mike and his wife are going 

to be there, too.

 What if Tadwell makes his decision tonight? 


Stepping over to the small bar,  Phil pours himself a drink and slugs it down. 



If I don't get this promotion, 

we could lose this house. 

Will you be saying big deal then, Honey Pot?



Don't call me that. 

You know I don't like it. 

It sounds so vulgar.


Pursing her freshly applied lipstick, she turns to face him. 



Tadwell and his new wife…

oh God, what’s her name..

Teri, yeah that’s it... 

are pure class.

 Maybe you should put a 

little polish on your manners 

or you won't get the promotion.



What's wrong with my manners? 

I called my wife Honey Pot 

and now I'm Slime Ball of the Year.


 Grabbing the whiskey bottle, he pours another drink.



I'd slow down on those, too. 

Showing up at the dinner party sloshed 

will get you nowhere, unless it's 

Teri Tadwell you're after.



What's that supposed to mean?



I've got eyes, Phil. 

I saw how you were drooling 

every time she walked 

by you in her itsy bitsy bikini.



At the barbeque? Get over it, Colette.


 Phil empties his glass.



 We've had this same discussion a hundred times. 

I'm a healthy, red-blooded American. We look, 

especially when the honey is shoved into our faces.

 It's not my fault that Teri parades 

herself around the pool.


 Phil chuckles to himself, remembering. Colette glares at him.



Are you jealous or something?



Oh, so now we are going there.

 Is it my fault that I am carrying 

30 extra pounds

 after having children? 


She stares forlornly into the mirror. 



Heaven knows, I've tried to lose it.



Well maybe if you lay off the candy bars,
you might have a chance



Maybe if you lay off the booze, 

you wouldn't be such a pig either.



Why don't you shut up?
We're going to be late.


He slams his glass down on the counter, sneers at his wife and storms out of the room


I'm getting the car.
Either get your ass downstairs
or I'm going without you.


Colette drops her head into her hands.

She starts to get up, but stops and opens one of the drawers. She pulls out a candy bar, opens it, takes a big bite. She smiles, savoring the chocolate and then starts to leave the room.


(speaking to herself)

Oh well, dinner at the Country Club
should be scrumptious. 


Colette leaves the room

The script continues with Climbing The Ladder To Success. We will provide a link to it when you review this below.
Pays one point and 2 member cents. Artwork by cakemp55 at

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