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 Category:  Young Adult Fiction
  Posted: March 29, 2020      Views: 45
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Hello, I'm Chloe. An 18 year old with a passion for writing. I enjoy writing short stories and even shorter poems.

She is an accomplished novelist and is currently at the #29 spot on the rankings.

She is also an active reviewer and is holding the #55 spot on the top ranked reviewer list.

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Chapter 1 of the book Ivy on the Cliffs
Ivy Visits her psychologist
"The Psychologist" by Bichon

Ivy, the girl who has seemingly lost everything sets out to explore what she has left. What else could she possibly lose?

I glanced out of the small window that resided on the far side of my bedroom. There wasn't much going on out there, in the outside world. Every so often, a group of young children rushed past, shouting excited phrases as they gleefully ran to accomplish something fun. This particularly intrigued me.

I ignored the busy cars that flew up the road, the dogs or cats who strolled in the dense bushes and even the mysterious folk who waited until night fell to make their appearance, or even their lack of an appearance, covered up by a hood and walking along silently. The joyful youth made me wonder about everything. Where were they going? What had they planned on this particular day? Had they better lives ahead of them than I did?

These thoughts may seem morbid, and at first, they did to me too. Even the psychologist I was forced to visit twice a week had a tough time figuring me out at first. She was a quaint woman who wore her tiny glasses tightly on her nose, determined to keep up a closed persona. Whenever I simply wondered about who Dr. Brown really was, she flashed me a defensive look, insisting that
"We are here to discuss your problems, not mine,"
before cracking a sweet smile and resuming to the matter at hand. Fair enough, she wasn't wrong, but sometimes the curious mind needs to be fed.

After every appointment, Dr. Brown guided me to the door in the spacious office. I always took one last look at the neatly decorated walls, the healthy plants and even the formal couch set that made the room look smaller. I'm not sure why I did it, but it just felt right. Perhaps a final grasp of safeness before the world invaded my mind, knocking me back to my former state once again.

My mother met me after each appointment. She never once turned up late, and greeted me with a sad, yet hopeful smile that never changed, no matter how stressed she really was. Dr. Brown always pulled her aside to discuss her recent diagnosis, usually concerning what had changed, and what refused to. Admittedly, I often eavesdropped on these conversations, there goes my curious mind once again.

"There is still no definite change to Ivy's personality or issues she is facing," Dr. Brown began in a neutral tone "we have made progress, but her walls are persistent. She's obviously dealing with things she won't tell me about, and I can't pry much harder."
I scoffed silently at the doctors recent development, while my mother gently shuddered. I turned away as she began to reply, tears were audibly forming in her eyes and I couldn't listen to that.

I loved my mother, I truly did. Without her, I highly doubt I would still be hanging around. But there was so much she didn't understand, so much she couldn't, even if I tried to explain it. Perhaps I was destined to be messed up, a lost cause for life.

The book continues with The Drive. We will provide a link to it when you review this below.

Author Notes
I wrote this short novel whilst under lockdown for the recent virus outbreak. I knew I had to do something productive with the time I had, and this story just came to me.
Mystery does play a big part in it. You do not really find out until the 3rd/4th chapter as to why the character is the way she is. So bear with me! I am proud of it though.
Surprisingly, I have not written in fictional first person yet, or so I do not believe I have, but I do think this turned out pretty well.
It is a relatively short novel as I wanted to keep it to ten chapters, but I do hope you enjoy it nonetheless!
As always, any help with the writing and overall grammar/construction is appreciated!
Photo is not mine, it is from Google!
Thank you and stay safe!
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