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 Category:  Commentary and Philosophy Poetry
  Posted: March 28, 2020      Views: 47

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I have been writing poetry all my life . I write as I find things tending to write spontaneously based on what I see and feel or an opinion I may have . I enjoy writing rhyming poetry however since joining Fanstory I have learn't so much and hav - more...

She is an accomplished poet and is currently at the #92 spot on this years rankings.

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This work has reached the exceptional level
A summary of Covid 19
"It only took one" by Chrissy710

There was movement through the nation
for the word had passed around
that Corona epidemic was on its way.
Its origins were sketchy and nobody knew for sure
but they think it started with one Chinese man.
He had eaten something foreign with a virus tucked inside
then passed this virus on throughout Wuhan.

People started dying and authorities were warned
but decided to ignore this warning sign,
until it then got out of hand this virus soon was spread
to others who infected fellow man.
Corona was upon us, no boundaries did it have
not long we saw it reaching other lands.

Cruise ships were infected, and panic soon took hold
just what were we to do to stop this curse?
with numbers all increasing, the death rate climbing high
now pandemic stopping travelers to each land.
Isolation from the virus, quarantine was put in place
as Governments across the globe made plans.

We then saw supermarket shelves of produce stripped quite bare
as shoppers in their panic stocked up high,
the toilet rolls and soaps were first, next pasta and the rice
this global trend was seen across the world.
Confusion reigned upon us, the people now were feared
with 'social isolation' the new word.

No social get togethers and all sporting venues closed,
many businesses are forced to close their doors.
School kids told to stay at home with playgrounds out of bounds
indoor activities they'd have to find.
Weddings though could go ahead, but guest lists down to five
with funerals, only ten can stand in line.

Yet still we see some silly folk defying all the rules
they think somehow the virus they'll escape,
by lying on the beaches or to parties they will go
where social distance standards they'll ignore.
Be warned you foolish people for the next sneeze you may find
this virus, down your lungs will then be yours.

Although the rising numbers hurt, one day they will decrease
and Covid19 will just disappear,
but meantime it is up to us from every walk of life
be mindful just how serious this is.
Stay thankful for the help at hand from workers on front line
who put themselves at risk so we may live.

So yes our lives have altered, all within a few short weeks
and perhaps will never be the same again
with future plans all put on hold, no choices do we have
but to comply with what the experts say.
Still keep in mind a greater force unites us one and all
Humanity, will see us through each day.

Christine 28/3/2020



Author Notes
Keeping at home in Australia and only going out when necessary I have time to reflect on the past few week in particular and just how our lives have altered due to Covid19 .

Although these times are uncertain I have faith that my fellow man will all realise how serious this situation is and do the right thing as advised to help stop the spread and halt more deaths.

Our news is filled with this every day, every hour,sometimes with new information or advice given by our leaders who are all really trying to make the best decisions for us all.
( although at times conflicting information is given and confusion reigns)

We have been advised of social isolation and social standards if out and most social gatherings have been restricted Wedding can only have 5 people and funeral only 10 in attendance The only places open are really the essential services and even then there are restrictions on attending these

I feel most countries are trying to do the right thing and as this is unprecended no one really knows for sure what is the best course of action

We need to stay focused and mindful of each other no matter who or where we are as this virus has no boundaries and will infect anyone as we have seen

I took the time today to put my thoughts on paper and am sending this to my FS family
I wish everyone to stay safe and keep well Together we will win through

Thanks for reading my work

thanks to Seshadri- sreenivasan for the image 'In the hands of man Covid19'

Also acknowledge Banjo Paterson for a lend of his meter from The Man From Snowy River

Cheers Christine
Pays one point and 2 member cents. Artwork by seshadri_sreenivasan at

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© Copyright 2016. Chrissy710 All rights reserved. Registered copyright with FanStory.
Chrissy710 has granted, its affiliates and its syndicates non-exclusive rights to display this work.

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