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 Category:  Horror and Thriller Fiction
  Posted: March 29, 2020      Views: 14

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Warning: The author has noted that this contains the highest level of violence.
Warning: The author has noted that this contains the highest level of language.
Not yet exceptional. When the exceptional rating is reached this is highlighted
What happens when a power is abused?
"Thief" by Luna Darkwaters

Grant pressed himself against the alley wall as he waited for his target to appear; bored as hell as he kept one eye to the street as he kept the other one on his phone as he scrolled through his messages to check if any new requests had come for him. It was to his dismay that none had come yet; but the night was young and he still had time, it wasn't like he needed the money in any case, it was never about the money, it was the joy and thrill from being a hitman and getting to use his...unique abilities.

He was pulled from his thoughts as he caught sight of the man he had been sent to kill pass by his hideaway and he quickly put his phone away and peered out, stretching his mental senses to check if there were other people around; once he was satisfied that the area was clear he emerged and carefully speed walked behind his target, not bothering to completely hide from him that he was following him and enjoying the fear that the man was now radiating in his thoughts.

The man, Henry, turned around after a few seconds of this stalking game and faced Grant; but he wouldn't look him in the eye and that didn't surprise him, but that didn't make it any less annoying.

"What do you want?" Henry demanded as he tried and failed to sound brave as he finally looked Grant in the eye; which was exactly what the latter needed to happen.

"Don't be stupid Henry, you know exactly why I'm here;" Grant sighed. "You-know-who is pretty upset that you've been skimming and he wants you to pay your debt in blood." He had walked closer to his prey as he spoke until they were almost nose to nose.

"I have no idea what you're talking about!" Henry protested weakly as he turned away intending to run but Grant quickly grabbed his face and reconnected their eyes; prying open Henry's mind and forcing his will onto him.

"Here's what you're going to do," Grant says coldly as his victim felt his mental will melt like ice cream in the sun; "you are going to return to your shithole apartment, write out a little note explaining why you're doing what you're doing and then you are going to take your own life. I don't care how you do it, I don't care if it's going to be messy, but you are going to be dead by dawn; do you understand?"

"Yes," Henry said in a dazed voice as Grant let go of him; he said no more as he walked away to do exactly as he was told. Grant had no concerns about Henry running from his orders; he knew from a lifetime of experience that Henry would go through with everything and he was beginning to feel quite giddy as he shut down their mind link.

He quickly texted his employer the news that the man he had hired him to kill will be dead soon as well as a request to transfer the money in a certain bank account; he felt satisfaction as he pressed send as he knew full well that the employer would pay up...if he knew what was good for him.

He smirked as he placed his phone back in his jacket pocket, full of psychotic glee that only came from a job done and the fear that his employers felt knowing what would happen if they didn't pay up; after all, he had rightfully earned his reputation in the criminal underworld by not only quickly and effectively taking out his targets, but because he also took especially care of the hirers who thought that they could double cross him.

But he showed them, he showed them all...

He sighed as he checked his watch and saw that it was only a couple of hours before dawn and he still had a very long walk ahead of him to get back to his rat nest house; one would think that a man who has so many different accounts that were stuffed to the brim with money would be able to afford better accommodations, but he wasn't stupid, he knew that there would be a lot of questions asked if he bought a billion dollar mansion out of the blue...however he wasn't a miser by any means, he went on expensive vacations when there was enough of window between jobs to be able to.

Money. Power. Being feared. That was what his actions were all about, why he did what he did; he never got respect in the poor neighborhood he had grown up in, but now he could hold the world hostage if he so chose. But he wasn't that bored...yet; nevertheless he was quite secure in the knowledge that no one would oppose him, everyone he associated with was too scared of his reputation to do anything and sooner or later the rest of the world would be the same.

He was a god and he knew it.


Clara suddenly woke up from her dream with a cold sweat, Grant's actions swirled through her mind as it cleared through the sleepy haze; knowing that this was no dream. Her breathing was heavy as she ran her hands over her face and through her hair as she tried to calm herself down; but trying not to fall asleep, knowing that doing so would only cause her to see that man kill himself.

'Not again!' She thought angrily as she tore herself from the bed; just one of her tormentors while trying (and failing) not think about her other one. She stepped into her bathroom and splashed water onto her face, a routine that had been ingrained into her for years; ever since she had begun dreaming of Grant and his first murder, but occasionally she dreamed about his childhood and how he had abused his powers even back then to get the other kids to surrender their money, candy and even their toys to him.

She hated dreaming about him at all, but what made it worse was that she could sense his feelings during every bad thing he has done; all the smugness, the narcissism, the God complex, his complete insanity and disregard for human life. He took what should be an exceptional gift and turned it into something perverse and his actions reflect very badly on others who have the same thing.

To say nothing on how it was all taking a toll on her psyche, mostly because it was him she dreamed about the most and that was driving her crazy; she still occasionally dreamed of the others and of the deeds that they performed and they used to make her feel better but with Grant's antics taking up more and more of her dream space they just were not happening as often as they used to.

She didn't even want to go to sleep anymore and it was affecting her waking hours negatively; she was finding it harder and harder to stay awake and get all of her shit done and she wouldn't be able to keep it up much longer. If only there was something that could be done about him...

'But what can I do?' She wondered as she walked out of the bathroom and into the kitchen; 'my powers aren't the kind that I can go into combat with...but I can't let him continue on like this, especially with his powers growing the way that they are...I can feel them growing closer and closer to his ultimate potential! And when he does...' It scared her to even think about it, but it had to be said: "He would be able to control the world," she whispered with fear entrenched in her words.

From a petty thieving child to a thief of lives, Grant was a genuine threat to the world; especially if he could figure out the next stage of his powers: controlling multiple people at once.

Despite the hot summer air, Clara shivered like she was in the arctic.


As was his custom after a killing, Grant went to bed as soon as he came home and only woke up whenever; in this case it was four in the afternoon when his stomach finally cried out for attention. Still in his clothes from before when he had gone to bed, he didn't bother to change when he got up, he had no other job to get to so he didn't really care about his personal hygiene that much; at least when he was at home, vacation time was when he was really careful, all those beautiful exotic women...damn he needed another one soon!

He shook his head, first things first, he had to check the account that was supposed to be filled up; he booted up his laptop and logged into it...

'Son of a bitch! This is only half of my request!' Had Grant been a pyrokinetic, his admittedly expensive laptop would be nothing but a pile of ashes at this point or that his mental prowess didn't extend to telekinesis either; he was shaking profusely from the rage that battered throughout his blood stream, he quickly stood up, knocking his chair over, and began to take deep breaths as he paced his living room and kitchen rapidly.

'So the motherfucker decides to play it like that huh? Trying to be cute you dumb fuck? Fine, it's your own fault for trying to fuck with me!' The drawback to his method of contact was that he little idea as to where his employers could be found as he only cared about the names of his targets (admittedly that was a mistake that he had kept making); but there was still a trick to finding out that he always used whenever someone became a problem for him: keep his ears to the ground and listen for whoever was bragging about screwing him over. It worked every time and help add to his body count which only bolstered his reputation; not that it had seemed to help with this asshole.

'This will be the last mistake he will ever make,' he vowed; 'I wonder how I'm going to kill him? It has been a while since I've had to make this kind of statement so I'm going to have to really go all out; a simple slashing of the throat or self-inflicted gunshot won't be enough, it's going to have to be much more gruesome than those...But I will have to be careful as I can't take too long in thinking about it as I have to find him first and figure out his routine before I can even do anything. At least I wouldn't have to physically do anything to him when the time comes...'

It was good to be a man with freaky powers, especially since not a single soul knew what he was capable of, not even his own family as broken as they are; no, they probably would have tried to stop him, especially when one considers that he was the black sheep, the troublemaker, the disappointment...well sooner or later he would show them! But only when the time was right, they would surely scorn him for being a monster, however when he put them under his spell or whatever...

He had never used his powers on his family no matter how much his brain and eyes itched to do so, there had been too many of them in the same household for him to risk doing any kind of manipulation on any of them for fear that someone would see him or notice a change in another and ask questions...especially since he had no answers (not that he would anyway).

He still wasn't entirely sure exactly what to call what he could do, but when he was a teenager he used what minimal access that he had been granted to the family computer to do research on proposed mental abilities and their names and the best that he could guess was that what he had was a kind of mental hypnosis; since he could basically hypnotize people into doing what he asked.

He technically didn't have to verbalize his commands in order for his powers to work, that was how he stole from the other kids at school without adults noticing; but when he was in high school he got into a fight with a guy from a rival gang and he had placed him under hypnosis and had accidentally whispered his desire: that the kid go die in a car accident and he did exactly that after school. That was the first time that he ever took a life and it certainly will not be the last!

What he realized from that incident was that his hypnosis seemed to be more effective as when he had been non-verbal his victims seemed to be disoriented after giving the commands; but that had not happened when he had spoken his command in addition to thinking it, the kid had simply walked away to go on with his day until he had plowed himself into traffic once school was over.

However, this discovery had come with a price as there had been people in his vicinity when he had given the command who had heard him whisper and of course word had quickly spread around the school and people had really shied away from him after that (not unexpected as this was a small town); even his own gang had tiptoed around him.

That didn't mean anything to him and it still didn't; there was no one truly worthy of his time or energy, he was a true loner and that was the way he liked it. Sure, he had contacts in the underworld from his high school days onwards but they were just a means to an end; to keep the kill ball rolling while earning some sweet cash, vacations and babes.
Speaking of which...

'Which one should I call up for a starting point?' He wondered as he took out his phone and flicked through his list of contacts seemingly at random; they were all pretty spineless when it came to bowing under his reputation but some were just more spineless than others and he needed one of those badly.

'Ah, this one should do nicely;' he stopped at the one labelled "Poofy", not his real name obviously but this was just how Grant liked to refer to him as and the worm in question certainly wasn't going to disagree with him. He clicked on the contact and put it on speaker, hating the feeling of a phone on his ear.

"Poofy, I've got a request for you..."


Clara was really having difficulty concentrating at her desk as she was trying to type up a report or even form a coherent sentence every time she answered the phone or spoke to a co-worker. She had another Grant dream the night before and it showed that the man that had hired him to kill Henry had made an extremely fatal error; but this dream was different...because Grant was finally beginning to understand what he was truly capable of by hypnotizing both his victim and another man to force the latter to kill the former.

'It's only a matter of time and that time is short,' she sighed as she flipped a signed paper onto the pile; many people who worked in offices would complain about how busy the life made them but this was the very reason that she took the first office job that was available after high school as the hustle and bustle kept her from thinking of her bad dreams.

Well, normally anyway, but Grant had been a special case lately, she'd dreamed of bad people who used their gifts for terrible gains before; however Grant was certainly the worst and he was on his way to being unstoppable...and despite her best efforts the night before, she had not been able to influence any of the men to walk away from the danger.

Now, she had only one option left...and she had to wait to fall asleep this night to pull it off.


Dr. Vivian Scott had been a nervous wreck all day, ever since she had received her dream-visions from Clara the night before and it had rattled her. Vivian had known her for years, ever since Clara had accidentally revealed herself in the dreamscape; it was an unusual friendship but Clara had always encouraged Vivian in her endeavors to use her abilities the way she was and she in turn always helped soothe Clara whenever she had a bad dream, which seemed to be happening more often lately...

Clara had never talked about her dreams whenever they saw each other, but she finally had last night and she was still trying to wrap her head around everything; she had already known beforehand from Clara that there were others like her, but this is the first time that Clara had spilled to her about Grant and for the very first time in her life, she badly wanted a drink.

It didn't help that he was unlocking his true potential, something Vivian had long since done way back in college, which is what made her such an effective group psychologist; helping so many people at the same time, building bonds between those people...there was nothing else that she would rather do! But to know that there was someone out there who was abusing their gift so horribly...

'And there is what Clara asked me to do about it,' she sighed as she looked at the notepad again; it contained the names of the other telepathic hypnosis users that Clara gave her in the dream as well as their contact information. She knew that she had to at least talk to them, to let them know that they weren't alone; but could she bring herself to convey Clara's request for all of them?

'Can I ask all of us to get blood on our hands? Was there another way to handle this?'
For a moment her hand hovered over her desk phone with indecision before she finally picked it up and called the first number.


Grant was feeling pretty damn good and he was ready to feel even better as he was about to do the next phase of his plans: go into the police station and put the entire department under his power!

He hadn't been able to believe when he had gained control over both his target and the other guy; he hadn't known that he was capable of that! Now he was unstoppable!

He hadn't noticed the group of people following him or felt something heavy collide with his head; he only noticed when his vision went dark.


When he woke up, he felt a gag in his mouth and his vision was still dark; presumably because of the cloth that he felt around his head. He may not have been able to see or speak but he certainly sensed the group of people around him; he knew he was tied down as well so he knew that struggling was futile for the moment.

"Grant," multiple voices said at the same time; "you've abused our gift for the last time!"

The voices were all close to his ears. "This is what we want you to do..."

Author Notes
For an off site contest that requested a horror story with mental powers as the theme.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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