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 Category:  Biographical Poetry
  Posted: April 6, 2020      Views: 18

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languages teacher Dip Ed BA MA tefl Inst of Ling..often work abroad, had some exhibitions previously of small water colours I paint. Two poetry books- waterstones- Paper Battleships and The Prody's. nine more ready to print- Many editors awards o - more...

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a surprise my mum never forgot!
"Hymn Singing in England!!" by bertodi
The Sally Army came to visit..

The thin, frightened Austrian girls or anyway
They said they were Austrian
Every kind of Czecho-Slovak you can think of
If you get my meaning
Were invited to prayer

Now every Mainland European knows
Austrians are loyal
To Rome
The eagle
The Pope
And the Roman Empire still snores in their bellies
So the Sally Army invited them to prayer

Now the British Isles to every European
Is that spot somewhere past
Past where the civilisation of the mainland ended
Order lost
A strange individual anarchy rules
Western barbarians who fight in their prayer.

Austrians live only to die
Others live to drink beer
Still others to make love
And that's the Axis for you
But Austrians live for the peace of death
And gently groan through each prayer

The Austrian transport
In Lancashire were summoned to prayer
By kindly Lancashire lasses and lads
In funny black Army uniforms
(the mother finds them all peculiar over here
why dress girls as brownshirts
the Nazis are back she deduces
but liked Lancashire no end
and was thrilled to find the first slave landed there)
donned their one and only jumper
to join the Army Hall
to see what they do over here

No english they knew
No tra la la they recognized
Or so they thought
Not a prayer they could answer
With a surprise in store
This definitely was not the Mass

Closing down or whatever
Curiosity strained now drained
A familiar song
A tune they all knew
What want us to sing

It's just for us
But ...
is this their prayer
The words are strange
But we all know the tune

With one voice rising
Voices rose in praise

Odd people
These islanders

Why do they sing
Deutschland, Deutschland uber alles
When at their prayer...

poem ps
I need to explain,
we are not flippant,
but we do not go to pieces
over dictators and border changes
as do you english
with your protective seas around you
and your cousins with oceans inbetween.
It comes up time and again
happens again and again
since time began.
Half of that part of our family disappeared
in Gulags,
another half in Ks Lager
and mourn with too much celebration,
weep with drink covering the tears.
You are thankful you survived
you look to the future
At times see the funny sides,
then the proud moments,
and quietly speak of the unspeakable side
or keep them close in your heart.

Author Notes
there is my mum bottom left hand corner. My mum loved Lancashire people who called you 'duck' and 'luv' on the bus. She told us: we had a good sing-song and they even gave us sandwiches afterwards. This is what we loved about the English, they were so eccentric, lovingly eccentric. All that has gone, now that many of those in charge are no longer English. Since PM Major, nearly all our PM's have not been English really and the adherence to American culture drowned it all!
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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© Copyright 2016. bertodi All rights reserved.
bertodi has granted, its affiliates and its syndicates non-exclusive rights to display this work.

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