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 Category:  General Fiction
  Posted: April 6, 2020      Views: 76

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Warning: The author has noted that this contains the highest level of language.
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A fun little short story
"Twenty" by BigPoppaJrock

     "Twenty? Twenty? Hey Twenty, where are you? Can you hear me Twenty?'"

     As I sat there quietly waiting for an answer, the only sound I could hear was my voice echoing down the canyon walls. My hands were shaking uncontrollably, heart was racing as fear ran rampant through my entire body. Disturbingly vivid thoughts flooded my brain as the tears of terror slid down my cheeks. Was this really it? Is this how this all ends? With me here all alone and stuck, paralyzed in fear?

     Why did I go, when so many told me not to? Why was I so stubborn, just to prove everyone wrong? Sobbing hysterically, sitting there motionless, I heard it. Something behind me, branches snapping, leaves cracking, it was easing it's way through the brush. I called out again, "Twenty? Twenty? Hey Twenty, where are you? Can you hear me Twenty?'"

     Deafening silence answered back, chills shot up my spine causing my neck and shoulders to twitch. I could sense something watching me, stalking me like a predator creeping in on its prey. Stuck in fear I couldn't even turn to face my hunter, I held my breath and became statue like. This massive lump in my throat started throbbing, just then I could feel its hot moist breath on my neck. I started praying to God, "God, before I die, please let me send my apologies for my lack luster life. All the times I was an asshole, to all the innocent people I made fun. I am so sorry I did not tell my family I loved more than they could ever imagine, I wish, I wish I could do it again. I want to have a do over, be able to give back more than I was ever given."

     Slop! Slop! Slop! A warm wet lick on the back of my neck and head. Hey, I recognized that tongue, it was Twenty. He came back for me, my best friend, my dog Twenty to the rescue. And just like that my world was complete again. He was here, looking at me, waging his tail and nudging me in excitement. Finally, able to move again I reached out and grabbed Twenty with both of my arms. I pulled him in tight, a monster hug and told him, "Who's the good boy? Who loves their daddy? Twenty you're such a good boy! I love you Twenty. I knew you would never leave me."

     This is one of the many adventures that Twenty and I had throughout our life time. I had no idea on how much greater my life would be, when I won this puppy in a bet. A bet you say. Yes, a bet. You see many years ago while in college, I like to bet, play poker, go to the casinos but most of all I liked betting on sports games. I would bet with bookies, sports books and even online sports books I couldn't get enough. I would even bet with co-workers at the bar and grill I worked at.

     One Sunday morning I made a bet with Sara, a smoking hot waitress with a hard body that turned all the heads as she walked by. I had a full proof plan to put the moves on Sara, by making a bet on the upcoming Super Bowl. That way she would have to talk with me, and I could lure her in with my mad game. I approached this goddess and asked for the bet, "$20 bucks your team loses the Super Bowl."

     She agreed, shook my hand and promptly walked off. This is not how I saw that sequence going at all. Well, after 4 quarters of anticipation, her team had lost, and I had won the bet. Yes, now time to collect.

     After a few days of avoiding me, Sara approached me. She started sobbing saying how she couldn't pay me. Work had been slow, her car broke down, she was in a bind, blah blah blah. Yes! My evil plan to go on date with the smoking hot Sara was coming to fruition. Then BAM! She threw me curve ball, she gave a kick to my gut, she offered a nappy little mutt as payment. The best way I could describe this mutt's appearance is he was a St Bernard Basset Hound mix. Stumpy little legs, shaggy hair and huge head, he was hideous. Was this how she felt about me, hideous?

     A dog and not a date, this was so not what was supposed to happen. A twenty-dollar mutt is all I got. Disappointment consumed me, I was crushed deep in my soul. My chance ever to get with Sara was gone, in her eyes I was just a loser. A stumpy little guy with a huge head, just like this damn pup. Little did I know that this stumpy little pup was the greatest gift I would ever be given. Later that night alone in my room, sulking my sorrows in the bottom beer can after beer can I shouted out "Shit I'd rather had the Twenty!"

     Next thing I know here comes that stumpy little fucking mutt. Racing with its little midget legs right to me. Sitting there baffled, I yelled, "What, what the fuck do you want mutt? Why would come running to me because said I would rather have the twenty?"

     Just then it hit me, "That's it! That's your name, Twenty Dollar Bill I should've Had, but I am just gonna call you Twenty"

     From that point on, Twenty was my best friend, my one true companion. Twenty and I had countless trips and adventures and he never left my side. There have been several "Sara's" that have come in and out of my life, but there's only been one Twenty. Who is Twenty you ask? He is my lifeblood

Twenty Short Story Contest contest entry

Author Notes
This is a short story topic based contest entry, a fun little story. This picture I got from a Bing image search, here is the address I copied it from.,2,6
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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