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 Category:  General Poetry
  Posted: April 10, 2020      Views: 36

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I work in my county as a prevention educator for a substance abuse facility, previously taught as an elementary teacher in the public school system and worked a bit for the public library and for a very busy resort hotel in guest services. I love to - more...

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"Faith Formed My Beliefs" by A. Willow Bends
what a melting pot of beliefs
lie with my soul and heart
baptized in The Church of Christ
when my teen years had their start
later became Methodist
because my parents did
got married, became Catholic
(my parents flipped their Protestant lid!)
then . . .
attended Nazarene College
well, back to Protestant ways
let me sum this up
organized religion filled up many days
of my life
and . . .
I have faith in science
but God caused the Big Bang
and perhaps Evolution
a creative hand was hard at work
in this, I find solution

SO, faith in God supersedes
and hope there lies within
organized religion may have happened
to curb sin
to give guidance to the uncivilized
and that sits well with me
real answers we may never know
so faith is what guides what I see

faith is my Higher Power
has been there countless times
to turn away from God, for me
would be a moral crime

I send prayers up every morning
by a single candle burning
faith keeps me grounded, steady
keeps me ever yearning

faith I have to clarify
there is more after this life
a place where we may meet again
without burden, without strife

yes, a melting pot are my beliefs
and will be all my days
combining fact and reason
acknowledging God's interplay

if we evolved from pond scum
God had to have a creative plan
for co-creation to carry on
the very best in woman and in man

Faith Poetry writing prompt entry

Writing Prompt
Write a poem about your faith.

Author Notes
Because of the many organized religions I have been a part of over my lifetime, I feel I have pulled the best from them, letting go of what my heart didn't or couldn't accept. When in conflict, I recall a fantastic professor who pointed out only one example. It is written that God created the world in 7 days. Well, He rested on the 7th. What if a day were not a day as we know it, but rather represented "an era" in time? THAT single thought alone gave me a whole new perspective of how to interpret things. I hope I do not stir up angry feelings with this piece, because as I mentioned, God and Faith supersede here and I have no knowledge or regard of WHAT scientology IS, so I do not want it to be confused with THAT! I simply believe science has merits in regards to the age of the Earth and something cannot come from nothing, so IF the Big Bang theory happened, WHO or WHAT POWER caused it? I believe that power was God.
End of Sermon! :) I do not preach or teach these beliefs, just so you know!

Thank you to avmurray for the candle flame photo! Represents my morning daily prayer time. Beautiful!
Pays one point and 2 member cents. Artwork by avmurray at

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