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 Category:  General Fan Fiction
  Posted: May 29, 2020      Views: 13
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Chapter 8 of the book Lost Christobel Book 3
over a nice supper, Shae learns of her gift.
"Soup and Conies" by ImaginosBuzzardoDesdinova


Emma has a simple supper on the table as she is the only one
eating there that is human at the time. Nearby, Imaginos and
Shae have managed to take down a pair of conies which they
are heartily enjoying while Emma enjoys the soup she has

(smiles at the birds)
You both look happy with your
meals. The soup is good, too.

Shae hop-flies over to her and eyes the bowl curiously
sniffing until she puts her beak up and goes back to her

I guess you wouldn't like your food
this way. You're used to everything
being fresh.

Shae ignores this remark in favor of her meal, Buzzardo
looks up at Emma as if to say "I think she's a teenager"

(to Shae)
Can you become human?

Shae looks at her in confusion. Then Buzzardo, having
finished his meal, gives Shae tilt of the head and a tone
that clearly says "watch this" before turning back into
Imaginos. Then turning back into Buzzardo, he addresses her
for several moments before hop-flying backward a bit to give
Shae room to test for any transformative abilities.

After several failed attempts, Shae gets very frustrated.
She flies upward until she is level with the table top, then
without realizing she's transformed at the moment, pounds
her newly human fist on the table. She is now standing
there, naked, clearly about seventeen, her eyes are dark brown and
defiant, and she has a look about her that clearly says that
she still has a very strong and brooding independent streak
about her.

Buzzardo changes back to Imaginosas Emma covers Shae with her shawl.

Easy now. You've done well.

Shae tries to speak, but does not know human language and
can no longer speak her native tongue.

It's okay. I will teach how to
speak as Emma and I do. There are
many human languages, just as there
are many birdcalls. But all you
need to focus on is what we call
English. That'll be more than
plenty of learning to do. For now,
just listen and observe.

Shae nods and points curiously at a flower.

That's a rose (says the name
carefully, trying to teach the
simple word to Shae). They grow
around here.

R... Ro... Rose?

Very good. And a lovely first word.

(points at another

No, dear. That one is called a Sea


Sea. Pink. Two words.

I don't think she knows what two

Just because she can't say it
doesn't mean she doesn't know it.

Fair point. (to Shae) You're doing
good so far.

Shae glares at Imaginos as if offended and trying to think
of how to say "Don't patronize me".

(getting the hint)
I'm not patronizing, I'm proud of
you. It's not easy to do something
when you can't understand the

You can stay in our guest room.
Your... Cousin I guess... Will be
sleeping in the rooom across the
hall when he comes.

Shae nods and finds herself curious at the new expression
she can feel forming on her face. A smile.

The book continues with Shae Sees Herself. We will provide a link to it when you review this below.
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© Copyright 2016. ImaginosBuzzardoDesdinova All rights reserved.
ImaginosBuzzardoDesdinova has granted, its affiliates and its syndicates non-exclusive rights to display this work.

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