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 Category:  Commentary and Philosophy Poetry
  Posted: June 5, 2020      Views: 57

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This work has reached the exceptional level
a poem in support of the BLM movement
"Growing black revolutionaries" by Anya Trofimova
"Black revolutionaries are created by our [growing] conditions..." (Assata Shakur)


when the river/dam/pipes burst all the black social-housing
women/men/children/cousins/cousins of cousins, all knee-deep
in water, the tenement bisected by flood, all calling upon their gods,
all with their hands in the air, fingers splayed as though they might
become lagoon insects and skate across the water
subsuming their apartments.


listen. a miracle is anything that god forgot to forbid,
anything that can be folded behind the skin like a bruise.
or why else would black men/women/people take glutathione
shots? the miracle here isn't that their skins bleached like a film
fading into technicolor. say, this is the best way to memorialize:
the body shifting into resplendent light. it's that when their faces
dissolved and grew cancerous, the cosmetologists claimed they all
died of a poor diet. it's that these black people are still
glowing beneath our feet.

listen, i'm getting better at this. i'm learning to tell when
the black masses have slept funny. when they prod a rib
for a pain that wasn't there yesterday, when they would
rather not wake up at all but the light is streaming in through
the window and the house is full of the sound of the dishwasher.
listen, this one goes out to all those black men/women/children/
people on their kitchen floors, listening to their heart ticking and
trying to discover if it reaches everywhere, if they can hear it in
their wrists. this one goes out to their savings accounts and
their kneecaps, to hoping that they'll hold.


observe: the wildfires/fires/arson are consuming homes in
the US/Australia/Grenfell, the faces of immigrants/
black men/women/children stretching before the eyes
like shadows, a terrible way to realize that there are not
enough firefighters.


does anyone else, when they're watching
that clip of the cop shoot the black man/
boy/person or the black inmate on death row/
or the three classmates plunging wide-eyed
in the river's icy arc, absent from prom,
still struggling to free themselves from their
seatbelts, pause it right before it ends?
i wonder if anyone else manages to hit rewind,
watch the body rise again, a little closer to god,
and the police car fleeing in reverse, and the
sirens still distant like black women screaming?

Free Verse Poetry Contest contest entry

Author Notes
Racism is systemic. It's not enough to 'feel bad'. Please consider donating, signing a petition, using your voice to raise awareness, writing a letter to your local MP, etc. in order to break this vicious cycle of oppression.
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© Copyright 2016. Anya Trofimova All rights reserved.
Anya Trofimova has granted, its affiliates and its syndicates non-exclusive rights to display this work.

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