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    Poem of the Month Contest Winner 
 Category:  Commentary and Philosophy Poetry
  Posted: June 28, 2020      Views: 510

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A time of reflection signifies a time, a few years back, in honour, when my brother died, from his own hands, and my mother a few years before that of Cancer. One now reflects often about one's own life, as much the young innocents who die...thos - more...

He is an accomplished poet and is currently at the #63 spot on this years rankings.

The Seal of Quality committee has rewarded him with 1 seals.

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This work has reached the exceptional level
A Symbol of Hope (An Audio Poem by the author)
"The Heron" by RGstar
The Heron

She climbs (disquiet) over statues and sandless shores
Below her, man meandering like lost boats without oars
Oh, the unsweetened taste of sorrow, who dares cross the line?
Anger clothed in bullets and silk--soft velvet crushed in wine
For all hunger craves a reason, left cold by cruel design
Four hundred years pining 'neath stones that stand benign

She ponders of the moment--eight minutes then the hush
Where incendiary teardrops of pink and yellow gush
So passive the presumption, a life untimely crushed
Yet ends mark new beginnings, hope for each as much
New mornings of affection like the blooming of a seed
No fear then of rejection as wills outweigh the deed

Her wings extend in perfection so fleeting shadows cast
Like the dew on morning petals, besotted to the last
Black or white...together, for pain need none belast
The quintessence of forever, unbridled of the past
She flips and dips a moment in wonder of the task
One people, one deliverance, how beautiful the ask

She squints at sights beneath, as colours dance and weave
The healing of a nation, despite the northern breeze
She wonders of the future, how bright the chestnut trees
Where the sunset drags its fingers low on new earth it believes
Hovering thus, a moment, her wings expand...release
Diving now through mists below, towards that lasting peace

...towards that lasting peace.

...towards that lasting peace


This is written for all, not for the few or the many, but for all
Poem of the Month
Contest Winner


Author Notes
Thank you to all who have publicly and privately welcomed me back, it with much appreciation. Thank you

This is an audio poem with thoughts of toady's climate where healing is needed, and always a love of mine for peace and togetherness. The audio is with choice to hear or only read, in special thoughts of authors like Amada who are visually impaired, as well for the enjoyment of all who requested and those also like audio, spoken word. My best wishes, and thank you all once more. Have a beautiful Sunday

DISQUIET = a feeling of worry or unease...Uneasiness, worry , anxiety, stress

PRESUMTION = behaviour perceived as arrogant, disrespectful, and transgressing the limits of what is permitted or appropriate.

BELAST= bound, burdened

QUINTESSENCE= The part with the most perfect example of a quality or class.

INCENDIARY = (Agitational= intended to arouse or provoke a strong public response to an issue in the hope of prompting political action.) Provocative, seditious
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