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 Category:  General Fiction
  Posted: July 13, 2020      Views: 73
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Take a look at my latest published novel Silent Hand Of God found on Amazon. Ben Colder Author.

He is an accomplished novelist and is currently at the #9 spot on the rankings.

He is also an active reviewer and is holding the #70 spot on the top ranked reviewer list.

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This work has reached the exceptional level

Chapter 30 of the book A Grain Of Wheat
A pleasant evening to make camp
"Continue - Spotted Tail" by Ben Colder

The second day into the journey and some young Indians are missing. J B knows something is about to happen, but when and where?

I suspected if there were spies as Jim had claimed, it would be there to expect trouble.

The morning offered our journey a good day to travel. Every so often I would scout ahead a mile or more looking for signs of any worry. The specified location we were to break for resting seemed peaceful enough to enjoy a cool breeze winding its way through a grove of mixed saplings just yards away from the riverbank.

A few women who volunteered to help with distributing food to the children and elderly were mostly Cheyenne from my mother's tribe.

I sat alone beneath a large willow eating as Sargent O'Riley found a place to sit just a few feet away. I could tell he was vexed toward something and waited to see if he would discuss it.

He was almost finished before speaking low, "J B, we have people missing."

I sat pondering his words and surmising it would be the spies.

I asked." How many?"

"The nearest I can tell, three young braves from the Smoke people, but maybe more. I had the men to do a head count and I'll let you know."

This news alerted my suspicion; we were about to have trouble, but the knowing of when and where was the mystery. I tried being discreet as possible when mounting Molly and riding away.

Jim's warning about having spies among the Smoke people was coming into play. Without a doubt they had slipped away and reported our strength.

Sand deposits from an old riverbed would easily shield many warriors and I suspected they would wait and catch us out in the open.

Guessing we were about to have trouble; In an unsuspected way I turned Molly and rode back to the group and called O'Riley aside. I told him I was not certain but be on guard.

The man quickly passed the word.

I was optimistic toward the entire ordeal. The area in which I suspected problems gave our opponent a certain advantage.

Making four hundred people walk in sections compelled the mounted escorts.

I was not alone with understanding. O'Riley rode up beside me asking, "Do you think we should single file these people in case we do get hit? It would give the men a chance to quickly group and fight off any charge."

I never wished to contribute to worry, but I suspected there were some within the group would aid the attackers.
Even though the man supervised things, I suggested we leave it as they were and to warn the men about those who might aid the event.

As I rode into the unknown, my double trigger Hawkins lay across my lap as to bring it to a firing position without the aid of my pain swelling wrist.

I knew if I could manage to lead the movement safely across a vast opening which lay hundreds of yards away, we would be temporally out of danger and could rest the people beneath a thick patch of various type of trees.

It was a place where the Sioux had once attacked a party of twelve men who determined to find gold in the hills even though a signed treaty said they were to stay away.


The book continues with Continue -Part one- Spotted Tail. We will provide a link to it when you review this below.

Author Notes
It is June 1866, nineteen months after the Sand Creek Massacre. Sioux Indian Chief Red Cloud has gathered thousands of young and old warriors from various tribes together. Their mission? To defend the lands from foreign aggression.
The Civil War in the eastern part of America is over. The southern states have surrendered for the purpose of blending and becoming one nation for all. Southern prisoners of war in order to gain their freedom was made to pledge an oath to fight Indians to clear the way for progress.They were called Galvanized Yankees.
The civil war has left the country in a struggling situation. U.S.Grant is elected President and the need for prosperity is beyond words.
Though a treaty was signed allowing the Indians an area two or three times the size of Kansas which allowed thousand of Buffalo to roam freely for the Indians' livelihood, foreign settlers were determined to settle the land and slowly annihilate the animal.
Gold is found in the sacred Black Hills and the need for monetary prosperity, despite the treaty, Grant allows gold mining to happen.
Red Cloud and others are furious and has started a war of defending what the great spirit has given the Indians.
J.B. Wright, a half-breed Cheyenne understands there is no stopping the over -flow of the foreigners and now escorts a few hundred friendly Indians to a reservation so they will have food and learn to live in peace.

Folks, the story is about to thicken into something you may or may not find wholesome, but it is all based upon true American history.
Thanks for your kind support.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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© Copyright 2016. Ben Colder All rights reserved.
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