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 Category:  General Fiction
  Posted: August 10, 2020      Views: 25

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Andrelyn Izquierdo is a writer, blogger, and poet venturing through various forms of writing. She currently has a poetry blog - Haiku Jumble, inspirational blog - Sunshine Headquarters, and another for sexual and domestic violence awareness - Unseen - more...

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Warning: The author has noted that this contains the highest level of language.
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Police follow a false report.
"Innocent" by Andrelyn Izquierdo

My barely opened eyes still dazed from the sleepiness, my photo frames rattle against the walls.

No earthquake, it's the Big Apple.

My body shifts upward responding to loud bangs at my front door.

"What is it honey?"

"I think there's somebody at the door." Ben has always been a heavy sleeper. It's expected for him to not hear.

"Open up! You got three more minutes."

Another series of heavy fist raps follow.

Jumping out of bed, I slip my pants on, then shirt.

"Let me check it out."

Tying his robe, he looks through the peep hole. "Honey, we got a problem."

"Who is it?"

"Last chance. If you don't open this door, it's comin' down."

Swallowing a large gulp, "There's a group of armed officers about to come in."

I gasp. "What the hell do they want? We didn't do anything. Did you get in any trouble and not tell me about it?"

"No," he whispers as his sigh releases. The knob twists in his shaking palm. He holds the door ajar.

"What's the problem officers?"

"We're looking for Amyra Tchaikovsky."

I grab my bag and keys. The window makes a large squeak. "Damn it."

"Who do you need? Why?"

"Sir, don't play stupid. We know she lives here and have been told that she's armed and dangerous."

"I don't know someone by that name and you just woke me up. It's the middle of the night. Do you have a warrant?"

"We just received a 911 call. Where is she?"

A distant shadow enters the alley and hears my feet fall onto the ground. "Hey! Get over here." He pulls out his weapon,"Stop, get on the ground now!"

His radio clicks, "I got her here. Need backup. Suspect is on foot turning right on 47th Street behind her residence."

Crash! Ben falls onto his back against the vinyl floor.

One of the police officers in NYPD uniform charges in and scans the apartment.

He sees the bedroom window open through the bedroom door.

The group stampedes down the hallway.

"Get up now." As he pulls onto Ben's arm.

"Argh. Do I even have a choice?"

"No, we're taking you in."

"I need clothes "

"I'm keeping an eye on you. You're not going for a jog at this time of night like her."

Beeeeeeppp..."Mom, I'm heading over. Wake up and let me in. I'll be there in about 10minutes."

Distant sirens catching up.

Redialing. "What, what's going on? You okay?"

Panting heavily, "No, I need you to open the door for me. I have cops chasing me who want to shoot and ask questions later."

"Okay, I'm up. Where are you?"

"I'm passing the school now. I'm close to the store around the corner."

"I unlocked it. Please be careful."

Darting up the stairs.

She snags my purse and empties it revealing cash, wallet, phone, lipstick, and gum.

"See, I got nothing.They're searching for a woman named Amyra."

"Who's that?"

"I don't know."

Approximate word count: 499 words

Flash Fiction Writing Contest contest entry
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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© Copyright 2016. Andrelyn Izquierdo All rights reserved.
Andrelyn Izquierdo has granted, its affiliates and its syndicates non-exclusive rights to display this work.

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