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 Category:  Romance Fiction
  Posted: August 17, 2020      Views: 140
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I enjoy taking pictures, traveling, writing stories and walking my daughter's dogs.

I completed five NaNoWriMo challenges. I am learning the
details of writing by reading and studying writer's books. I will fly into FanStory to - more...

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Chapter 13 of the book on wings of eagles
Act three starts with an encounter with a momma bear
"momma bear encounter" by flylikeaneagle

Maxi connects with The Father's House Ministry and goes on adventures. Phoenix showed Maxi the dark side of downtown Denver with the homeless population being told to leave their Lincoln Park camps.

Maxi unhooked her safety belt and sat in the middle of the back seat in the van, taking pictures on her cell phone. A black momma bear stood up on her hind legs with her mouth open. She anxiously monitored her year old cub as it climbed up a pine tree on the side of the country road.

"Fear not, be still and see the Glory of the Lord." Maxi felt her spirit hear a soft voice speaking inside of her, "trust me."

The momma bear snarled at the van and casually drew closer, attacking the air with her right paw. A yellow butterfly flew around the front of Pastor Sam's van as if dancing to a song. A smaller cub came out of the bushes, following a butterfly. It stumbled on a red rock, rolled over and rubbed it's back on the grass. Glancing again at the van, the momma bear got back onto all four legs and lumbered over to her cub, snuggling it playfully with her nose.

Maxi spotted the yellow butterfly fly over to some wildflowers as the bears disappeared into the pine trees.

Maxi looked up in the sky and saw a flock of Canadian geese fly overhead, changing into V and J formations. Each leader lifted the others higher in the sky.

"Joshua, we are on the country road by Orodell and El Vado on Highway 119," said Linda on her cell phone. "Our tire is flat and we are desperate to get to your ranch. Can you please send someone?"

"Linda, what did Joshua say?" Terry watched her, praying.

"He said not to worry. Joshua is sending a trucker to help us." She smiled and wiped a tear from her face.

"I'm glad we stayed securely inside the van," said Phoenix. "Momma bears can attack people if they get too close to her cubs. Bears like going for walks with their cubs and teach them how to find berries and food to eat."

"I'm glad she wandered off," said Maxi. She smiled at Phoenix.

"Did you want some snacks?" Linda opened up her canvas tote and took out bags of ginger and peanut butter, chocolate chip, and M&M cookies. I baked these this morning."

"Love your cookies made with extra love," said Phoenix, holding out his hand. "Can you give me a bottle of water, please?"

"Here's one, anyone else?" She handed out more waters.

"These are delicious, Linda," said Maxi, munching on her second ginger cookie. She loved the cinnamon and molasses flavors mixed in with the ginger.

Moni ran over from her parked car and knocked on the van's door. "Did you call for help? We watched that momma bear snarl at you."

Terry jumped out, "We are fine, thank God. Linda called Joshua Eagle. He said he sent a trucker to rescue us."

"I hear one coming now," replied Moni. "Look at the cloud of smoke over there."

"Praise the Lord!" Linda grabbed a canvas bag and added four waters for Moni. "These vegan treats are for you all."

"Thank you Linda, I'll share these. We love your cookies. Can we bake some together at the ranch?"

"I look forward in having more hands in the kitchen, Moni. First, we need to get to the Flying Eagle Ranch."

Terry stood in the middle of the road and waved the trucker down. "Our front tire got flat when we hit a pine tree on the road. We could use your help."

The trucker stepped down from his red truck. "I'm on the way to a client's place, The Flying Eagle Ranch. I can tow you with a rope and hopefully Joshua can get you a set of new tires. I can see from here the tire treads are balding. I'm a tire guy and if we always use fresh tires for all the miles we travel, otherwise our tires fly onto the road like alligator skins."

"Thank you," said Linda, holding out her hand. "I'm Linda. Joshua Eagle said he sent a trucker to help us. We appreciate you getting here so quickly."

"Hi Linda, I'm Arlee and that's my orange cat Oscar in the window of my cab." He pointed to the truck. "He's my mascot and best buddy. We can hook your van up, then we'll be at the ranch at no time."

"Thank you, Arlee," said Terry. "What are you hauling for Joshua Eagle?" He spotted the sign on the truck, "on wings of eagles" with an eagle flying painted flying over the mountains.

"I'm in the playground business," said Arlee. "My daughter, Marie, and I started this company to help children move and enjoy themselves. We created playgrounds safe for children with disabilities and challenging enough for all children. We crush and recreate plastic water bottles to make a lumber which we use in our playgrounds. Joshua Eagle wanted one for the preschool and children with autism that are coming to the ranch. So here I am making a pit stop to help you."

"Arlee, why do you call your company "on wings of eagles"?" Maxi shot a photo of the sign on the truck. Arlee wore a green tee with his logo on the front, blue faded jeans, and western boots. His hair was dark with gray highlights from his age. He had a big smile on his face as she shot a photo of Arlee by his truck. "Cheese." Maxi laughed and shot more photos.

"Marie loved swinging when she was younger. She always wanted an under-doggie and for me to fly her higher on wings of eagles, she wanted to fly over the broccoli trees. What an imagination she had as a child. We dreamed big, and now our company is growing. I had to hire more truckers to put together our playgrounds in Colorado."

Terry and Phoenix helped Arlee hook a strong rope under the front wheels and onto the trucker's wheels in the back. "We're good," said Arlee. "Follow me."

"Thank you again," said Terry as he shook Arlee's hand. "You're an answer to prayer."

"Divine connection, I would call it," said Arlee. "Let's head out."

Maxi relaxed next to Phoenix, inhaling his masculine sweaty skin and held his hand as they traveled toward Flying Eagle Ranch.


The book continues with Flying Eagle Ranch. We will provide a link to it when you review this below.

Author Notes
Logline: Journalist Maxi McGee goes undercover to write stories for the Colorado Lifestyle Magazine about people in Denver during the gentrification growth pains, connects with The Father's House Ministry, and becomes a voice of hope.

I am taking a writing course with Professor David Wheeler, Michigan University, through Coursera on line. This is my NaNoWriMo which I'm rewriting, creating an outline, and taking you all on a roller coaster ride. Enjoy the ride. God's blessings.
flylikeaneagle - nancy ann gee ( copywrite 17 August 2020 ).
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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