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 Category:  Romance Fiction
  Posted: August 25, 2020      Views: 128
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I enjoy taking pictures, traveling, writing stories and walking my daughter's dogs.

I completed five NaNoWriMo challenges. I am learning the
details of writing by reading and studying writer's books. I will fly into FanStory to - more...

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Chapter 15 of the book on wings of eagles
Maxi learns to ride and explores The Flying Eagle Ranch
"the rescue" by flylikeaneagle

Maxi connects with her friends and explores the Flying Horse Ranch while gathering stories for her memoir.

LOGLINE - Undercover journalist, Maxi McGee is assigned to write her memoir about the gentrification growth pains in Denver, meets people from The Father's House ministry, and goes on adventures to become a voice of hope for the homeless.

Maxi grabbed Phoenix's hand after practicing the model walk in the massive sunroom. Destiny told her that Joshua rented out his ranch house for special events like weddings, graduations, and family reunions. The sunroom was popular for guests to dine and dance.

Maxi walked with Phoenix. "Let's pet the horses in the corral."

"Maybe, Brody can give us some carrots for the horses to eat," said Phoenix as he followed her to the kitchen.

Brody was stirring a large pot of corn with red peppers simmering on the stove. Linda smiled as she blended a cake, and poured it into three cake pans for the celebration.

"Brody, can we have some carrots for the horses?" Maxi looked at Brody's dark wavy hair and brown eyes.

"Sure thing, carrots are in the fridge. Our horses like the extra carrots. It's a good way to bond with them."

"Do you think I could teach Maxi how to sit on a horse if I lead her?" Phoenix held out his hands for the carrots. and Maxi shut the enormous double fridge.

"Check with Tommy." Brody pulled the buttermilk biscuits out of the oven so Linda could slide in her cakes.

"Thanks," said Maxi as they strolled outside to see if Tommy was at the ranch bunkhouse.

"Maxi, this building by the bunkhouse looks like a tack room. The horse blankets, lead ropes, tack, and saddles are lined up by horses' names". They walked inside the shiplap-panneled garage-sized building. Bins of horse treats and grains were placed against one wall. Maxi picked up a photo of Joshua and his friends from on top of a small oak desk.

"I'll grab a set of horse equipment," said Phoenix as he picked up the items.

"We should find Tommy first," said Maxi, approaching the corral with a hungry horse looking over the fence. She opened her hand flat with a carrot. "Hey, this horse likes these carrots."

"I can teach you and we'll keep an eye out for Tommy so he knows what we are doing. I grew up riding horses."

"I'm a newbie, and city slicker, Phoenix." Maxi handed out more carrots to the quarter horses, red roans, and paints. "I like this brown one."

"Looks like she's a gentle mare." Phoenix added a halter and lead rope to her inside the corral. Maxi petted her face. "We'll walk around with her first so she can get used to us while waiting for Tommy. They marched around the roughed up dirt in figure eights. "I'll add a saddle and we'll do the same thing."

Phoenix secured and double-checked the saddle on the mare. He lifted Maxi on top of the quarter horse and led her around with a lead rope in figure eights. "How do you like being on a horse city slicker?"

"I'm so tall." Maxi sat in the saddle, bouncing as the mare sped up her pace.

Phoenix tripped on a dirt clump and flew forward onto the ground on his hands.

Maxi yelled as the mare started trotting towards the end of the corral, "Phoenix!"

Jumping to his feet, Phoenix sprinted towards Maxi and the mare. "Maxi!"

Maxi held onto the mane as the mare turned at the end of the corral. Her hands lost her grip, and she was sliding off the mare.

"Maxi, I got you, lean onto me." Phoenix reached up to catch Maxi as she fell into his muscular, sweaty arms.

"Phoenix, I'm so grateful for you," said Maxi as he lifted her up in his arms and gave her a soft kiss. She wrapped her arms around his neck. "Thank you."

"City slicker, I should give you some personal riding lessons." Phoenix set Maxi onto the ground. "I'll take the equipment off this mare and we can head back to the ranch house.


Maxi spotted large horse trailers lined up in the parking lot near the ranch house. More drivers pulled in for the Southwest Horse sale event Joshua was hosting.

Maxi and Phoenix entered the kitchen to get a cool drink. "Can we try your cucumber mint lemonade Linda?' She poured two tall glasses and handed one to Phoenix.

"Brody told me that Tommy had to go into Boulder to get Pastor Sam. Seems the Dreammakers group have a big fundraising announcement tonight," said Linda.

"This is refreshing, Linda. Your food smells amazing," said Maxi pouring a second glass of lemonade.

"Chef Brody and I whipped up some of the food for this event. Joshua sent in extra food from Boulder's Pearl Street restaurants so everyone has plenty to eat."

"Sounds amazing, Linda. Enjoy the supper celebration." Maxi looked around at all the large cookware on the stove and large bowls on the stainless steel counters.

"I'm in Heaven," said Phoenix. "I've never seen so much food before."

"Would you like to sample anything, Phoenix and Maxi? Help yourself to some plates over there," said Brody pointed to the plates. "You are family here."

"Thank you, Brody, I didn't realize I worked up an enormous appetite," said Phoenix as he filled up his plate, then sat down with Maxi at a table overlooking the horses.

"I love their food," said Maxi. "I can't wait for this celebration."


Pastor Sam and Joshua walked with some of the members of the Dreammakers around the ranch, showing off the horses in the corrals. They greeted and welcomed the visitors that came for the Memorial weekend event.

Moni, Annie, Destiny and Zoe dashed into the kitchen to assist Linda with hands on baking for the event.

"These cookies will be delicious for the children after the fashion show. Joshua invited several daycares to help color the fashion designs stetches for the children's back to school line. He wanted the directors to comment on the new disability friendly playground he commissioned Arlee to build by the summer kitchen," said Brody. "Joshua is always helping people with their dreams."

"We're excited," said Destiny." We will choose colors from their drawings for the clothes."

"We plan on having wildlife emblems like bears, buffalo, elk, wolves, and eagles make up with silver reflecting material so parents can see their children in the dark."

"You ladies are so creative," said Linda tasting a cookie. "These cookies are made with love." She laughed. "Keep dreaming big. God will do the supernatural on your gifts more than you can dream or imagine."


At 7:00 pm, Joshua and Pastor Sam stood on a stage in front of the people. "Welcome to the Southwest Horse event," said Joshua."The auction will start in the morning at 9:00 am with several auctioneers calling off the different catagories of horses. We have a tearoom fashion show at 12 noon in the sun room featuring our True Colors fashion designers Destiny and Zoe. At 2:00 pm, the auction starts up again. I hired extra ranch hands to lead horse riding if anyone desires to trail ride. We have Colorado venders for silent auctions to fund homes for the homeless. Seems like we have a big need in our communities to pay back to the people who lost their homes. Please stroll around the ranch, dine and dream big.

"Thank you everyone, I'm Pastor Sam from The Father's House in Denver. Our ministry reaches out to the street people to provide shelter, food, and job opportunities. Our need has grown with people losing their jobs, homes, and now their belongings in homeless camps. The Dreammakers are connecting with me and you all to provide solutions to help the homeless. One of our ideas is to repurpose building supplies to create small homes for the homeless. We will connect a "Circle of Support" community center to embrace lives. Everyone will work and be hands on with community service. We will have activities, job training, counseling, medical services, and mentoring to transform lives. Every person's life matters in God's eyes."

Joshua said, "We need fresh ideas, money, and hands on expertise to build the homes, one at a time. This is a time to be a part of a bigger picture where we listen to one another's concerns. Together, we can make a difference in our beloved communities and yours. We will pass flyers around so you can connect with us, give us ideas, and your names. Thank you all for your support and voices."

The ranchers cheered and clapped, "Great idea. We're in."

"Supper is being served at the sunroom, please join us. I want to thank Chef Brody from The Flying Eagle Ranch and Chef Linda from the LoDo Restaurant. Afterwards, we have music and dancing at the ranch house."

"I would like to bless our food," said Pastor Sam. "Come, Lord Jesus, be our guest and bless each one of us as we connect with one another to be your hands and hooves for your precious Kingdom, in Jesus name we pray."


Maxi and Phoenix stared into each other's eyes as they watched the dancers perform Native American circle dances after supper. They wore colorful costumes with fringes and leather boots. The youth danced to pow wow beats. Phoenix gave Maxi a kiss. "Thank you for caring, Maxi."

The dancers went into the audience and grabbed visitors to dance with them in their joy song. A teen dressed in native clothes and an eagle headdress spotted Maxi and Phoenix as they kissed. "Please join us. The White Spirit is blessing you."

Maxi followed Phoenix as he danced a dance he learned as a youth. "Trust me, Maxi." Holding hands, they circled and jumped with joy to the Native American music. Maxi smiled as she saw a new confidence in Phoenix as they danced.

Music filled the atmosphere afterwards with the country band, "A Million White Horses," Maxi leaned on Phoenix as they cuddled on a bench. Maxi placed her legs over Phoenix's legs as they held hands and listened to music under the stars.

Maxi tossed and turned in her bed. She woke up at three am from her dream. She remembered images of walking in an old mansion room after room. She saw bedrooms decorated with quilts, big pillows, and floral wallpaper. Slowly strolling upstairs into a finished attic, she entered a white-walled library filled with books and sofas unused for years. An enormous three-generation family photo hung above the white-washed stone fireplace. Maxi opened her eyes, pondering her dream. "Speak to me, Jesus."

"Voice, voice, voice," said the Lord. "Follow me." A bright light lit up the darkness as Maxi breathed in a sweet aroma of frankincense, cinnamon, and citrus. Then she fell asleep.

The east sun shone through the lace drapes, dancing over Maxi. She turned to her side, rubbed her eyes, and woke up. "Voice." She spoke out loud and got up. Step by step, she plodded out of her room onto the plaid wool carpets, down the taupe-colored hallway, and upstairs to the next level. Maxi opened the attic doors where she discovered the white library from her dreams and entered.

The book continues with gone missing. We will provide a link to it when you review this below.

Author Notes
Photo taken by flylikeaneagle - nancy, while watching a news report on the homeless in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The community connected with carpenters at a church lot to repurpose wood taken off buildings during the George Floyd protests. Together with the homeless people, they built small houses to provide shelter. This was a perfect Aha moment for my novel.

Please check out The Flying Horse website to see the ranch photos. I have dreamed of this house and ranch many times, especially the library scene.

Martin Luther King Junior said that we all need to live together as brothers and sisters. He had a big dream.

It feels good to reach out to others and shine a light in the darkness with Jesus's love. Follow your dreams, and change the world, one neighborhood at a time.

May we have ears to hear and eyes to see and voices to speak to make a difference in people's lives, lifting them up with healing, hope and love.

God's blessings to you all. May you all be in health. flylikeaneagle - nancy
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