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 Category:  Commentary and Philosophy Poetry
  Posted: September 8, 2020      Views: 62

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I think I always was a writer and a poet, but I remember clearly my Lyceum years and my debut as a writer with a long fiction story. For that one, I was applauded by the prof and students alike. I didn't stop writing and started poetry as well. A - more...

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Those not come true
"Refugees" by Marjon van Bruggen
Their depart is a flight from reality and starvation.
Some are just happy to flee a dishonored country,
most try to escape the horrors of their cradles,
they were born with the wrong color, and mother's
wrung-out breasts are unable to nourish her baby.

How easy to fill desperate souls with promises
of abundance, of Lucullus' tables, of loving,
welcoming people in beautiful green lands.
"You only have to pay me the fare, I'll take
you to heaven on earth."

Unscrupulous traffic of starving creatures, how
inhumane to fill those big black eyes with hope.
How could they avoid the floating trap of
Circe's tyranny and her dangerous poison?

So as not to be changed into animals,they drink
deep of space, light, and flaming skies, they endure
the waves and storms, the illnesses and the deaths
of some. Their leaking, overflowing boats capsize
and many drown, swallowed by the insatiable sea.

A few are dragged out of the raging waves,
rescued by white-skinned, funny talking people.
Bewildered children,- dad disappeared before their eyes
and mom is nowhere to be seen- are wrapped in foil
and offered a paper cup of water.

Frightened out of their wits they finally come ashore.
Authorities and public health workers await them,
and after a check-out, they are brought, like cattle
into refugee camps. Will there be a country who
wants them? While waiting, they live like prisoners.

They can't escape,
they don't dream,
they lost all hope,
no heaven on earth
for them.
all lies.

Marjon van Bruggen


Author Notes
This poem is meant as an accusation and hope to punish severely the unscrupulous human traffickers transporting the desperate and starving people or those, fleeing from wars in their country in overcrowded not sea-worthy wrecks from Africa to Europe, mostly to Italy. Many died, drowned in the Mediterranean Sea, before arriving in the promised land.
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© Copyright 2016. Marjon van Bruggen All rights reserved.
Marjon van Bruggen has granted, its affiliates and its syndicates non-exclusive rights to display this work.

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