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 Category:  General Non-Fiction
  Posted: September 21, 2020      Views: 12

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This work has reached the exceptional level
I wonder when payment is due, it's 5 mn from now
"A Big Let Down" by Lulube

I have always been a poet, but not to say I've never written a speech, essay or short, short story, (I now know, they are referred to as, Flash Fiction), throughout the years.

It was approximately 12 yrs. ago, when my mother inspired me to write a children's story. Why? you might ask. Her suggestion came after I had written an entrance test for a US, children's literature, college. My mom spotted their ad in a magazine, including the form, with questions that you answered, as if you were a certain age or with different themes. The course would be correspondence and through telephone. The last part was writing a Flash Fiction, children's story.

I received a very nice acceptance letter with generous comments on my story. Hence, my mom pushes me to write another with hopes of publishing it down the road.
Well, writing the story came quite easy, especially when I don't have proper skills setting the story up in note form first. I only start to write and see what happens. Nothing ever stays the same as it starts, with me.

The story sat in a manila envelope for approximately 8 years, when my mom inquired about publishing the story. What it all boiled down to was, money. So she offered to pay for self-publishing.

I was elated by her generosity and believing in me. I thought the publishing would be easy. Totally wrong about that, but that's too long to get into. Truth be known, it took me 3.5 years and that's with me accepting a few issues that didn't seem to get corrected, time after time.

But I am happy to say, and extremely proud of the completion of this book, that I never dreamt would become reality. It only just came on the market in June 2020 through Amazon.

Now I've been a member of Fanstory for close to 8 yrs. so naturally I want to mention this feat to the contact us/support section/people of Fanstory. I had a small issue to take up with, I believe it was Tom and at the end I mentioned that I just put my self-published, children's book, on the market in June.

I received no response for my achievement. I was and still am, devastated. Could have been overlooked, that part of my message, due to being swamped, I get it, but I have read small write ups and congratulations to other members that have published their work.

Of all the places that I needed a bit of recognition from, for my gruelling 12 years of perseverance, I wasn't prepared for the, no response, coming back from the only writer's site that I've paid to be a member of, for 8 years.

Maybe I feel just a bit better now, hmmm, maybe later.

True Story Contest contest entry

Author Notes
If you happen to have read this story, you will now know the name of the book.
"Who's Mosey?"
Sold on Amazon, US, Canada, UK
by Lori Caviglia a children's book
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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