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 Category:  General Fiction
  Posted: September 29, 2020      Views: 25
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I gave up writing years ago when my first manuscript came out as one big nutty mess. My bad, should have written an outline BEFORE typing in a 100,000 words. I am solely here because I?m serious of self publishing my new novel ?A Dozen Wishes Around - more...

He is an accomplished novelist and is currently at the #54 spot on the rankings.

He is also an active reviewer and is holding the #42 spot on the top ranked reviewer list.

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Chapter 25 of the book A Dozen Wishes Around the Globe
Barry pays Gina a house visit after a tough fight
"Checking In" by Ben B.

A genie had been found in the gemstone globe by not one by four masters. Things would be great if only they didn't release a desecrated Atlantis and all its evils earlier. "What else could go wrong?"

"You're all sure we don't need a hospital?" Barry let everyone back in the house.

"I definitely need to wash up," Ryan checked himself, "Those goon dudes had some sticky stuff on their skin."

"What about Gina?" Lilly asked Barry, "Is she alive?"

"I'll check right now," Barry promised, "There's a first aid kit in the closet next to the bathroom door. Disinfect everything you find. Just in case."

"If we become tar zombies?" Ryan freaked and checked himself for zombification.

"Oh get over it," Wesley sighed, dumping his ski mask to the floor.

"What about you?" Lilly asked.

"I'll be fine," Barry looked at the hand that was burned by the red ball, "Just go."

Barry went to the study while everyone else went upstairs. He overheard Ryan whining how much he hated medical alcohol compared to the "good stuff." With that ignored, he unlocked the study door and went straight for the safe behind Winston Churchill's painting.

With the globe on the desk, Barry tapped on the North Pole, "Gina," he tapped again, "Are you in there?"

To Barry's relief, the North Pole glowed green on cue. The smell of spearmint followed. Green smoke rose around the globe and seeped into the North Pole. Barry noticed something was a little off this time, but he just couldn't put his finger on it. He looked down and realized why: his fingers were gone and his hands were turning into smoke.

"Uh...Gina, I think your globe is broken."

No response, Barry's arms just kept smoking away.

"Gina?" no response as his shoulders faded, "Ginaaaaaaaaa!" was the last thing Barry pleaded as the rest of him faded into the globe.

The book continues with The Original Master . We will provide a link to it when you review this below.

Author Notes
Cover art provided by Lucia Maricich. To view more of her and to hire for commissions, refer to her Instagram page: @thislettleart3
Gina (formerly known as the genie): found by her four masters in a gemstone globe, now she is serving twelve wishes to Characters them.
The Professor: the original own of the genie. His misfired wish is the reason Gina is living in a globe now rather than an oil lamp
Barry: The grandson of the professor. His second wish turned him into the Mistery, a superhero that turns him into a cloud of smoke.
Ryan: College freshman who was supposed to live with Barry at the professorâ??s house
Lilly: College senior and athlete
Wesley: Son of the late CEO to Welsink Industries.
The Artificer: monster that was released from the Cage of Atlantis. Best description is hybrid of a vulture and a gargoyle.
Captain Mech: robot that was created as a side effect of the first wish. He captains the battle cruiser the gang are now living in.
Tar Twin: Minions devised by the Artificer. They are practically Siamese twins made out of tar with four arms. The only way to kill one is to slice off both of their heads.

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