- It Should be a Treat by poetwatch
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A Wrapped Refrain of what it my be.
It Should be a Treat by poetwatch
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In loving us, He’ll keep the date
               And we shall know tomorrow’s fate.

The Son shall rise in heaven’s sky;
              We’ll walk the walk before we die.
Those that
believe in Him find that love is to trust
                                  As He restores earth with new lands
in loving us.
So do not sin and share your love,
            For time is cooing like a dove.
Come one, come all, and never fear
            The bird of paradise is near.

With whispered ways, you'll pray the scroll your name is in
            Is called the
Book of Life, you’ll win, so do not sin.
If it should be that you’re not there
       Don’t bother fixing up your hair.
A wily ride in life you picked
So sly, so slick, you make me sick.
You’ll smell the burning flesh, the stench from hell, and see
        The tortured souls that didn’t believe… if it should be.

Author Notes
This is something that spoke to me. I imagine you all know what it is. God Bless us all. Take care and be saved.


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