- Fatherhoodby nomi338
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A fictional Account of a hapless father
Fatherhood by nomi338

A menace to society
Does not embrace sobriety
He knows that he irritates me
I do believe that he hates me

I show him love; he thinks I'm weak
He makes faces when I speak
My discipline he ignores
He dares me to put him outdoors

My words fall upon deaf ears
Ignores me, but I know he hears
This boy will come to a bad end
His actions I cannot defend

Someday this child will end up dead
Someone's bullet inside his head
Or maybe, a lifetime in jail
My fatherhood's an epic fail


Author Notes
Totally fictional account of a poor father's struggles.
Thank you to Clem Onojeghuo @oglemono for his photo Shirtless man with tatoos. Photo is from


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