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Spring Breeze by zanya
Disguised writing prompt entry

Gazing through the window of the morning room, a wry smile played around the corners of Lord Harold's mouth. He watched, as his identical twin brother, Lord Arthur, golden locks blowing in the Spring breeze, mounted his dapple grey, Osiris, to go riding with his equerry, Bart.
Harold was growing weary of the constancy of mistaken identity. Just when his eager lips were about to brush those of a fair maiden, she would be seized suddenly with remorse on discovering that it was with the other twin, Lord Arthur, she wished to share sweet kisses.

But at the age of thirty- five, it was time, Harold thought, to woo and win a woman with whom to share his bed. Lady Elisabeth, from Dulwich Manor seemed susceptible to his charms. That is to say when his twin, Arthur, was not within earshot. He couldn't quite remember if he had worn his periwig on their last encounter, since it had been all of six months ago.
Harold assumed the business of courtship assiduously, looking lovingly into the lady's eyes or holding her gloved hands gently in his own.
Arthur however, charming as he was, wooed effortlessly and soon had his lady swooning in his strong arms. How Harold longed for such loving.
On this occasion, walking out with Lady Elizabeth at Dulwich Manor, he was determined he would no longer be the overlooked, golden- tressed twin brother of Lord Arthur.

Gazing into the mirror that hung on the wall of the morning room, he thought his periwig, sporting dark brown curls and belonging to his great Uncle George, became him handsomely. He had even hoped to acquire some of the flamboyant personality of Uncle George. A Navy Captain, who had sailed many seas, George, told rollicking tales of love with fair maidens from many corners of the globe.
Later, as he turned the corner towards Brinsley Park, Harold saw Lady Elizabeth and her lady's maid, Dilly, strolling beneath the cherry blossoms. He gently pushed his periwig into place.
Getting closer to the two young women, he started to practise his most charming smile.
'Good afternoon dearest Lady Elizabeth,' he said in his most loving tone.
The young women continued walking. Just then a carriage and four stopped opposite the two women and a young man climbed out.
Golden tresses flowing down his shoulders, Arthur called out:
'My dearest darling Elizabeth, what good fortune to meet you by chance here today. My heart is bursting with love.'
Elizabeth was troubled. 'By chance Harold, why it is not by chance . We had planned to meet for a walk in the park, did we not?'
Glancing at the beautiful Lady Elizabeth, Arthur laughed,' why Elizabeth, the stars are aligned for us today. Let's share our love.'
With that, Harold, who stood some distance apart, pulled his periwig from off his golden curls and threw it far from him.
A gust of Spring wind carried it, where it fell at the feet of Lady Elizabeth.


Writing Prompt
Write a story where one of the characters is in a disguise.

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