- A Friend Isby Sheila Carpenter
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The meaning of friendship
A Friend Is by Sheila Carpenter
Rhyming Poetry Contest contest entry

Do you have any friends who make you feel used?
Wear all your clothes and run down your shoes?
Come to your home and scroll through your phone?
Act real rude and eat up your food?
Borrow money and then ask for more;
but didn't pay back what they borrowed before?
Well, this is for you then:
I'm gonna tell you the true meaning of a friend.
A friend is someone that you can trust.
When you need a favor; they won't put up a fuss.
A friend will not get mad when you need time for yourself.
A friend will not get angry when you befriend someone else.
A friend will always be there to lend a helping hand.
A friend won't go behind your back; Sleeping with your woman or man.
A friend is not someone who would hide the truth from you.
A friend will not agree with everything that you do.
A friend is not someone who looks down on you.
A friend is not a friend if the feeling isn't mutual.
Your real friend;
Your true friend;
Your # 1; Your Ace!
Will not talk about you like a dog then come a smiling in your face.
A friend is someone that will keep that secret of yours.
A friend will not go out and air your dirty draws.
So If you have a good friend; don't cross that thin line. Because good friends are hard to find.


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