- A Victim of the Systemby Monica Chaddick
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What happens when a child can't learn?
A Victim of the System by Monica Chaddick
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There is a student in my room
And I don't know what to do.
I am afraid that he is doomed.
He can't even tie his shoe.

He used to be in special ed
With the resource teacher.
She dealt with barriers in his head
And what his plan did feature.

Now he's sitting in my class,
He doesn't do his work.
I'm supposed to make him pass.
I feel like a jerk.

The child is angry, he's upset,
He doesn't want to study.
When he's angry, he's a pest.
When not, he is my buddy.

The resource teacher comes at times
To help and give advice.
But he can't read, or make words rhyme,
And she tries to be nice.

I am afraid this child will be
Just a statistic to them.
I look into his eyes and see
A victim of the system.

Author Notes
I was a teacher for ten years. I taught special education for a good bit of that time. When they began inclusion, I transferred to regular education. Even though I was trained to work with children like the one in my poem, it is impossible to find enough individual time like what is needed when you have twenty plus kids to deal with. These children fall through the cracks in the education system.


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