- That Dogby Raul1
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A cat fights with a ghost dog.
That Dog by Raul1
Traditional Ghost Story. writing prompt entry

The Hamptons always watch
that mean dog barking at them,
all the time.

Their cat seems to be scared by it,
it is quite a fit,
it's why they stay indoors,
the cat lays on the floor.

All of a sudden at, night,
the dog walks closer to fight,
the cat winks at him,
cusses at it.

The Hamptons told Mr. Cat
not to go near that dog,
it didn't pay attention.

Mr. Cat runs towards the dog,
while it stays put angry,
a mysterious thing happaned,
when he reached the fierce animal,
the cat passed right through him.

It was a past ghost dog,
has surprised them all,
The Hamptons sighed relief,
Mr. Cat never saw it coming.

Writing Prompt
Write a ghost story of any length, in a poem of any type. Let's celebrate Halloween!

Author Notes
Mr. Cat had fought a ghost dog all this time.


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