- Love's Seasonsby Ronni
This work has reached the exceptional level
Each momentous flow
Love's Seasons by Ronni

The years have busily, swiftly flown
on silent cue in gentle, bittersweet wings
sighing me softly, joyously ever still
to cherished, hurried, worried reflections
our love has ominously, blessedly undergone
from season to season so often unaware
yet each one, in momentous depth grows

Luscious, lingering dawns dreamily entranced
by a gently swirling stream, our romantic debut
where you and I dear, paused and shared our
dream of happiness yet to be, so uncertain
completeness yet to be trustingly known
patience obligingly observed until when
we would desirably share, passionately show
irrepressible ways love can be shared and glow
heart and soul merge in troth, sacred vows avowed
on that gloriously, blissfully ecstatic Wedding Day

In fainter shadows now are intermittent griefs
tears of youth's fascinations, presumptuous ways
Autumn's tempestuous winds that achingly sway
thrusting storms that suddenly defy any cause
awaited joy not seeing light of day before so
eerily, silently embraced in heaven's gentle caress
an ignoble pain, in weaker grasp, yet still steadfast

As cold, blustery winters have chillingly passed
in love's still enraptured embers, still even now
as always before, your hand in mine dear
always brings my ever smitten heart
yet another gratefully glorious Spring


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